Any ideas to get me through the challenge?

I’m so sorry. Yes, another of these. . . Really want the valour points that finishing epic will give me. These are the heroes I’ve got now, and I’m starting to struggle around level 7 in epic. (don’t mind the 1*s, they’re there for raids) Any tips on who I should have in my party? Unfortunately I don’t have any other low level guys in reserve to really boost some of them up for it, and hadn’t been focusing on crafting battle items until recently, so that might not be the way for me to go. Most of what I’ve got is stuff I’ve won.

Thank you in advance!

Ooph i don’t have an answer for this one. As i typically mono or at the very least 3-2 my way through the events with 4* in epic

So this is out of my wheelhouse

But let’s see what @zephyr1 and @JonahTheBard and probly @littleKAF and @Boolz_San_CK think…


I don’t mean to be the negative one here, but honestly it’s going to be tough. When I started in December 2017, I was ftp for a long while. I didn’t complete my first event until the sand empire seasonal one. I’ve one all since then, but that’s like 8 months!!! Based on what I see, I’m guessing you’re still growing.

The best hero I’m seeing is Gretel but I can’t build anything around her. I’d recommend to have fun, do your best, but understand it’s a grind game and does take time.


what crafting items do you have access to?

Im not sure you can finish the last 2 stages, the problem is that you have no source of dmg (no reflect, no strong stack possibility, no ult lockdown combos, no low/high end “event carry heros” such as Wilbur, Proteus, Wukong or others). So every fight will drag on for a long time, which means you will run out of items. And if you go full dmg items, then you are most likely not getting to the bosses with all 5 heroes alive in most trys, which means you will have to retry many times until you get a good opening that charges you a lot of mana.

As for Stage 7:
Belith, Kailani, Gadeirus, Gretel, Boldtusk
It will take a LONG time to kill Marie but as long as you keep dispelling, blocking and ghosting her you can get ahead.

The best advice I can give you right now, is to focus on leveling one hero at a time instead of spreading your feeders into 10 different heroes. You are slowing your progress at every aspect of the game by doing it like that. Even in war, you rather use x5 unleveled heroes of the strong color against the tank, rather than 5 heroes leveled at 1/4 or 2/4.
If you have to level a 5* hero, then you can make a point if it’s worth it to max the 5* or get two maxed 4* instead. But newer players should be focusing on 4s and 3s, sure it not fun ignoring the big powerfull 5* but you will get more fun out of the game by having a deeper and usable bench, than just running around with 1 big hero.


You could try a triple stack of kailani/li xiu/gretel with boldtusk and gadeirus/agwe (leaning towards gad for me). With bombs and arrows/axes along with small and medium mana pots you might be able to scrounge out a few more wins, but i think you’ll be sol when you face the levels with 3 bosses. As said above the battles will just drag on too long and you’ll be worn down.

I agree with other comments above, choose a few of your 4s and work them up for the next event.

Alternatively, you can take the effort and WE that you would use trying to force a few more wins in epic and focus on trying to rank up in the rare tier. The epic completion rewards are nice, but the rewards gained from moving up a tier are also pretty good and it will probably be less frustrating for you. Newer players often try to divide their efforts and end up with less success and loot overall than if they focussed on just one tier that they can do. Try to complete just one level on each difficulty tier so you’ll be able to get the lowest tier of rewards, and then focus on ranking in rare i think instead of completing epic. Good luck!

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I’ve already completed rare. I’ve only been playing for. . . Hm. To be honest I don’t remember when I started playing, but this is my second pirates event. I was just hoping for the valour points, to be honest, so I could get to the next reward level. (at the very least I want to get to level 41 so I can get the challenge tokens. I guess if my guild can beat those last 7 titans I should be good there) I’ve been spreading feeders so I could work on the wars a bit better for my guild. I’ll work at upping some levels before the next. Thank you, everyone.

a) Start leveling 5 heros ( one of each color ) at the time.
b) 4* before 5*.

Green: Cademon, Gadeirus, Melendor
Blue: Kiril
Yellow: Gretel then Li Xiu
Red: Ei-Dunn then Sumle
Purple: Rigard then Tiburtus

Your only chance to win this is Gretel so be prepared to bring big+med. mana pots if you have bombs/dragon attacks plus arrows

Boldtusk, Gretel, Gadeirus, Agwe, CademonGadeirus should be between Gretel and Cademon.

If you can get to boss stage with all heros fully loaded shut the more dangerous flank, which you can shoot with tiles, down with Gretel.

If you go against Lady Locke kill her first or bring antidotes.
If you go against the Zombie woman have Cademon ready when she fires her special or kill her first.

Best of luck to you! :smile: :+1:



I support what @littleKAF said; it’s a grinding game.
All you can do for now its learn which is the best way to “play” the game, as per your expectations, as @Kara0ke suggested to feed heroes.

Even though it would be a big resource drainer for what you get form POV,
but if I try and complete epic event with the heroes you have,
in my opinion the only way to do it is with battle items (which you can’t make)

  • option 1: the “well known”, by experienced players, the bomb carpet: dragons, bombs, axes, arrows
  • option 2: not applicable :frowning: this is something rather new which is used to score big on big titan, by those who are unable to do it with heroes
    in this case it would be to use lowest defense 1* heroes, with no troops (or lowest defense) and use the titanium shields; although i think you will need some timestops (to charge the boss), mana pots (to dispell her), revive scrolls
    but this is only an idea; probably a very bad one as per costs vs gains

my advice? have patience! in time you will grow :slight_smile:


That’s actually not an option I believe. It’s a 5* item which I believe is prohibited.


true. i’ll edit it :confused:

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You have to use Boldtusk as he is your only high level healer. He buff attack as well, you need this buff
You have to use Gretel for mana control and your only high level sniper.
You have to use Gunnar or Kailani to survive.
So you have two free positions and it is good to use them for color stacking. So either Kailani+Dawa+LiXiu(Joon on legend) or Gunnar+Agwe+Ulmer depending on boss and monster colors.

I can work with that colour stacking thing and see if it gets me anywhere. Thank you :slight_smile:

Even as a P2P player, I have to wholeheartedly agree with this statement. To give two concrete examples: the amount of feeders I had to dump into Telluria to bring her up just to 2/53 is enough to bring a 4* to almost 3/60! Likewise, bringing Ursena up to 2/41 I could’ve leveled another 4* to about 3/50 or thereabouts if I had one worth the feeders. And I did only on-color feeding to harvest the 20% XP bonus.Not to mention the prohibitive food cost, even with SH17 and 8x farms at lv 15 cranking away.

In a sense I’m lucky that I didn’t pull any 5*'s until about 3 weeks ago (been playing for 2 months), which forced me to focus on my 3* and 4* roster. This turned out to be a blessing, because 3 weeks in I was able to complete the rare tier of Avalon, and just yesterday I finished both the rare and epic tiers of pirates. The extra ascension mats will allow me to max out more 4*'s, which will help speed up progression even further. (currently working on second maxed 4* rainbow team) As the saying goes, you have to learn to walk before you can run.

But no seriously, don’t disregard the 4*'s. Max out the good ones and give them some emblems, and they will carry you very far. The basic idea is, a maxed 4* team can complete just about anything in the game (well maybe not the last two tiers of the costume quest or some of the class quests or legendary event quests), which will help you get more ascension mats, which in turn will allow you to power up even more 4*'s (or even a 5* hero if you get lucky with 4* ascension mats). It’s basically a positive feedback loop.

No dragons in Epic though

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