🏴‍☠ Pirates of Corellia: Finley – Thoughts & Discussion

Do elemental links count as buffs? I matched up against a defense with Finley and I had Drake Fong’s elemental link active on 3 heroes and Finley hit someone on my team without any buffs.

Yes, they count as buff but it is already a discussion on here in the forum about that effect.


The cool thing about the Ranger talent, is tjat he can potentially bypass defence buffs which include counter attacks. I’m assuming mits counter attack can also bypassed if your lucky.

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Totally agree and good point. I’ve been playing raids and wars in Top Alliances and 95% of the time, offenses are either mono color or 4-1, so yes Finley is a good counter.

Pretty ballsy to attack riposte or blue reflect with him, even at +20 lol, or especially at +20 (since he’d be that much stronger?

But, that begs the question, if he bypasses the first riposte/reflect buff, can the other successive hits still hit him or if he bypassed the first he’s fine? :thinking:

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Are you just looking to give me more work in this thread??? :wink:

JK, I do see how he heavily punishes all new HOTM use though by taking advantage of their element links.

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I agree your temptimg death, bcause its the same attack if you bypass one you’ll bypass them all. Vice versa thats why its so deadly if u get hit by one u get hit by them all. btw buddy I like your youtube vids

Has this been confirmed to be true, or is this your theory, because Misandra can attempt to hit all four times and miss strikes two or three and still hit on strike four. If Finley is the same, mechanics wise, then each of his hits are seen as separate attacks.

I, personally, like the interplay with the HotM’s who tend to run VERY strong relative to the average non HotM hero. Now it forces decisions like “do I fire now and risk the wrath of Finley, do I intentionally trigger him first so that he only hits one hero, or (more likely) does my HotM combo have to now prioritize Finley so that he is dead when while their link is up?” An Eve or Frida combo SHOULD ideally be killing an opponent, now you just simply have a tougher targeting decision. Anything that adds another layer of strategy to the game that has a reasonable workaround, I’m all for. Admittedly he’s quite strong, but I don’t think he’s even the top blue defender. As an attacker he’s also quite strong (still maybe the 3rd or 4th best blue), but most defenses will be rainbow so even if a defender fires the elemental link shouldn’t be making the same huge multi-hit impact.


You’re a goddamned madman, sir, and I admire your crazy moxie.



There’s a strong possibility that I overreacted to finely based on what he is on paper vs what he is in game… do I love a hero that counters all links, no, I still hate that and don’t feel some of the links are even worth having, let alone having a counter for. Having said that, after searching him out and fighting him as much as I could, I do understand it, I mean, if he didn’t counter links he’d actually be a pretty average defender… link counter makes him useful and even something to fear on defense, real buff counter makes him useful on offense and I’m sure I’ll learn to accept him as is and deal with it, just got me a bit hot the first time seeing him smash a stack when all they had was an insignificant (4% mana) link on.

So, all this talk about Finley being OP and I have not encountered a single war situation where it made sense to use him. He has been on the bench for 3 wars now. :man_shrugging:


Pierce caps at +25%. Mitsuko buffs the entire team. Finley will hit all 5. Chances are, yeah, Pierce will go off once or twice… but expecting it to activate all 5 times just isn’t realistic. It will likely save Finley from at least one reflect though.

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Interesring I figured ifnhe bypass one he bypass them all. I haven’t gone up against riposte/counter attacks with finley yet, when I do i’ll let you know what happens.

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Wow that makes sense looking at talent description… but that makes him way op specially against her best counter mitsuko…
Maybe SG and beta forget that but he should have another class than…

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ok so ive been playing with finley, maxed leveled, in war and raids (btw top 50 alliance) for a bit now. And, nope, certainly not OP because often times there are no buffs on the enemies which then makes him a common sniper at that point.

A little suggestion:
try him in a blue+red stack while bringing Wilbur and Boldtusk


There will certainly be a learning curve to playing around him, but it’s really just a matter of order of operations. It’s not nearly as drastic as an Ursena tank. Where you must choose “do I stack heavy against her trying to keep her from firing but just lose if she fires, or do i accept that she is going to fire and just prepare to deal with the massive damage dealt”?.


I’m with you. He’s not that op how he is called in here. All thosr buffs are still on during his attacks. So, although he will hit everyone from the opponents team, it is not a damage you have to be really afraid of.


I was very surprised (and happy) to notice that if you use Finley after Wilbur, he hits every enemies on screen. Wilburs Feast where every enemies share received damage is buff.

So my old buddies Wilbur and BT join Blue Boyz team, Finley, Richard and Arthur. They are mean together.


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