Path of Valor - Season 2 Recommended Stages


Based on a forum post I made ages ago, these are the levels I would do on Valor Pass (S2 special stages), should it help.


2.15.9-N/H: Decent Recruits, I often do 2.15.9-H with loot tix when burning WE
2.3.5 - Combines the stage along with bosses and enemies, should you still need them

Magic Night

2.6.3 - Best level for recruits and not bad for xp - see my Magic Night post for full reasoning.

Dense Fog

2.9.2 - Gave the best XP for the fewest flags - felt this have the best loot, but any 2.9.X levels give good XP.
2.9.5 - As above but more monsters if you need to fill a chest.
2.7.2, 2.9.5 - If you need Stegasaurians.
2.18.2, 2.18.9 - If you need Kirins.


2.11.X - In the end I noticed that the materials I needed appeared on province 11, so I just randomly spread my attacks around these 5 levels.


If anyone can suggest better/alternative levels (with reasoning), that would be great.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


This is great. I appreciate that you indicate where your experience suggests the best materials are, but also include some of the earlier stages for folks who have not yet completed S2.

It’s posts like this that make me really like the forum. :slight_smile:

In the previous PoV, there were daily challenges that required “elite enemies” or “bosses.” When/if those appear in this PoV, I’ll amend this response with the exact wording of those challenges and their respective definitions – e.g., elite enemies are those in S1 where the stage icon has “wings.” There was some confusion among some in my alliance in the previous PoV.

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Except the bosses in the Elite Enemy stages. They aren’t grouped in with the rest and don’t count.


Thanks, @Mothra. That’s the detail I’ll want to add. I need for the challenges to appear, though, to make sure I am providing an accurate and complete answer.

The PoV daily challenge will read “Defeat Elite Enemies” and to do this, find a stage with wings as the enemies therein are elite. Stage 7.5, for example, yields 9 elite enemies.

I have some suggestions, or rather, notes. Recruits are always a necessity, so these are best recruits per WE.

Dense Fog:9-5N
Underwater:24-7H (can be a tough one, but it’s the best)


Terrific thread - thanks for taking the time to make it. Bookmarked for future reference - You Rock @FrostbiteXIII!


Everything is already known, just look here:

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