Path of Valor Challenge Question -- "Complete a Challenge Event" (does Costume Quest count? [Answer: NO])

Hi guys I’m trying to find out if the costume event will count towards your valor chest as I have a friend in my alliance that cant complete legendary thanks in advance

I don’t think so… perhaps @zephyr1 can confirm?

Unfortunately, I don’t think the costume event will count because the task specifically says “complete challenge event”.

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And welcome @Andy1972

Appreciate any feedback thanks I wish they had made some off these challenges a bit clearer the amount off time I see people asking were to find this how do I do this maybe something for sg to look into for the next valor and thanks for the welcome

The title says NO but has it actually been confirmed by SG staff yet?

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Welcome to the fourm
Challenge event is
Avalon -guardians -pirates -wonderland - grimforset.


Maybe I’m getting mixed up with the valor saying challenge event and the costume one is just costume event

A lot of people have asked the same question including collect gems, trials, frostmarch etc …
I did ask sgg maybe change the logo to the coin as would be easier to understand maybe they will in the future. :woman_shrugging:

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The master thread updated by zephyr1 lists the challenge events (Avalon, etc) and doesn’t include the costume event.


I wouldn’t even know were to look for the master thread princess.also I think this must be the only valor quest that has no leaway then if your only getting 2 events on everything else there is some leaway

Here it is!


Cheers for that so if you cant complete legendary you cant complete the full quest for the ascension items bummer

No, the Masquerade is considered a Rare Quest like Farholme Pass, Frost March, Shrikewood, etc

Challenge Events are specifically for the period where the Elemental Summon is transformed into Event Summon and where Challenge Coins are won (as opposed to Costume keys).

The Challenge Events are always divided into three tiers (Rare, Epic, and Legendary) with 15 stages each.

The Challenge Events are:

Knights of Avalon
Pirates of Corellia
Riddles of Wonderland
Fables of Grimforest
Guardians of Teltoc


It should be said that the four Seasonal Events (Springvale, Sand Empire, Return to Morlovia, and Santa’s Challenge) are also NOT considered Challenge Events.


In beta we tested Path of Valor with the costume quest at the same time – the “Complete a Challenge Event” challenge was not marked as completed after doing the Costume Quest.

So unless that has changed from Beta to live release, the answer is still no; costume quest does not count for the “Complete a Challenge Event” task.

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Wonder why they gave you a little leeway with everything else but not the event challenge

Perhaps so it is extremely tough to complete the Path of Valor

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