Path of Valor, daily challenge question - Complete 3 Quest Stages?

The Quest ends at exactly the same time that the event starts. The 1 minute time difference came as the minute changed just as I was taking the screen shot.

It’s the normal quests, not the challenge event. Like Collect Gems, Scavenge Resources etc.


The quest that needs to be completed is the collect diamond or scavenge resources quest.
Avalon is a Challenge event.

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I was happy to do the collect gems quest. Better than having a quest for items I’ll never use!

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Hopefully by the next PoV most players will have a better understanding of the terminology used. Our moderators are getting worn out :open_mouth:


I did that just to get the summon token at end of last stage .


I did, too :grin:


So much that princess1.

And if we want to dream big, learn how to 1) read the first post in the thread , 2) how to search.

I know the main thread is well over 1000 posts now, but just those 2 things would cut it in half.

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That clears things up thank you.


Try hanging out in Peer support, you’d be shocked at how many level 60s don’t know what elite enemies are :rofl::joy:


I didn’t know that myself, but I searched here and found out pretty easily.

You’re welcome mods :laughing:

Edit – I also let everyone else in my alliance know.


Exactly that! The first person who finds the information let’s us all know and it’s posted in our featured board.

I come to the forum before I even open my game!

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I seem to be the designated forum guru in my alliance :rofl:

Hopefully :slight_smile: Trying to make things easier by using tags to mark these threads for future questions

I don’t have a Quest on either account. I finished them YESTERDAY. When are we getting a quest to finish our daily challenge


I have the same problem. LOL.

That’s odd. I had the Scavenge Resources Quest and used that to complete the Daily in PoV.

Me too I don’t have any available quest :frowning_face: I hope that a quest will show up after Scarvenge Resources :confused:

A quest ALWAYS shows up when the previous one expires. Instantly.

We all have that one, too but we are saying we’d finished it before the daily challenge appeared. Now we need to wait another 4 hours for a new quest to appear.


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