Optimal defense team setup?

I am hoping for advice from the community on the best defense team lineup from the following lineup:

Elena (+3)
Joon (+4)
Domitia (+3)
Isarnia (+3)
Ariel (+3)
Kadilen (+3)
Boril (4/70)
Chao (+7)
Skittleskull (+11)
Sabina (4/70)
Li Xiu (4/70)
Kellie (4/70)

I am thinking Joon, Domitia, Kadilen, Elena, Ariel

However I am unsure about leaving Isarnia on the bench.

I left a lot on the bench. Don’t worry. Try to set up a defense team who is Beter on holding cups. Go raid rise your cups than try different defenses and leave the game for 1h. Just don’t be afraid of switching positions. Your team will be able to defend as much as possible the Cups. If kadilen a tank is not good enough To you, try elena, and if elena is not good ennough to you try Ariel and so on

Kadilen - Ariel - Elena - Domitia - Joon

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Regardless of what you choose keep Ariel either center or left wing/flank. Based on those heros I would run Fravit93’s suggestion but trial and error is the key.

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Thanks. I had Elena as tank for a while, but with her low defense and slow special I decided to move her. I’ll give it another shot now that I can flank her with Ariel.

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