Advice on Defense Team order

Hi everyone. I’m looking for opinions on the order in which I should arrange this Defense Team: Elena, Kiril, Skittleskull, Sabina, Chao. All are at Max level. Even though she is squishy, I was considering putting Elena in the middle (tank) position, flanked by the two healers, with Chao and Skittles on the edge. Thoughts?

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Sabina - kiril- Helena-Chao- Skittleskull para mim seria a opção melhor.
Como o servidor aje da esquerda para direita a Sabina da vida, o Kiril aumenta a vida e da poder de ataque, helena Tank… Chao Sniper e Skittleskull como tem mana lenta fica como ponteiro

I’m not sure what @Batata suggested, but given the choice you have, I propose:

Kiril / Skittleskull / Elena / Sabina / Chao

The reason is that the AI fires left to right. Elena (IMHO) is your best tank.

So Kiril’s buffs kick in and enhance Skittles hit. Then Elena (hopefully) is still buffed by Kiril before Sabina heals. Chao is your only fast hitter, so he should be a rear hitter.

It would be great if you could replace Skittle with Caedmon, but of your current choices, this is a humbly suggested line-up

As you can tell, i am a fan of grouping elements that maximise the manna gained by tiles being sent down to attack their nearby teammate,

I hope this helps

Thanks a lot. I will give that a try. I do have Caedmon, I. just need to level him up. I am also working on Joon to replace Chao. I have Kadilen, but don’t think she is worth the materials.

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