Defense team advice?

Yes it’s yet another thread asking for defense team advice. I recently pulled and ascended some new heroes and now I’m unsure what the best raid defense setup will be so I want to tap into the collective wisdom of the community. Below I have listed all of the 5* I have who are fully ascended (or very soon to be in the case of Jaberwock). I am also willing to move emblems if needed.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Ariel (+14)
Elena (+14)
Isarnia (+12)
Joon (+12)
Domitia (+12)
Kadilen (+11)
King Arthur (+9)
Lianna (+9, with costume maxed)
Jean Francois

The only true “tank” I can see is justice but she’s not a great one :frowning:

Maybe something like:
Joon -> Domitia -> Ariel -> Lianna (costume) -> Marjana

Another option (if you split monk emblems)
Joon -> Jabberwock -> Ariel -> Lianna (costume) -> Marjana

An option with Justice Tank:
Lianna (costume) -> Jabberwock -> Justice -> Ariel -> Marjana/JF

A final option (not great but stacks red vs. the green stack against your tank):
Lianna (costume) -> Jean Francois -> Ariel -> Marjana -> Jabberwock


I agree that Justice is the only hero I have that is typically considered a tank, but isn’t really good enough to hang in diamond. Elena is arguably the other one, but is too squishy.

I am liking your second option even though healers are not generally good tanks. Ariel may be able to stall long enough for Jabba and Lianna to chew through the opposition.

Thanks for your advice.

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