Opinions wanted. Always seems to happen

Just got director zuri ready to ascend. And today I pull the new vivica costume. Do I shift priority to viv or is zuri still the better choice? I’ve seen stats of viv with limit break and it’s ridiculous. 1900hp? Crazy.

Anyway just curious of peoples thoughts.

Thanks in advance!


How are you on Darts? I’m leaning toward Zuri…great great healer. With 2 costumes though, Viv is very flexible but will take a lot longer to max both costumes.

Total coin flip, heads or tails you win.

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So I was wondering that. Do both costumes need leveled for that bonus, or could I do main, and costume 2 and still get max benefits?

And only have 6 darts. So ya. Hah

I got Zuri last Soul Exchange and have her maxed and fully emblemed.

I only have base Viv …. At +18. No costumes.

I use Zuri much more due to the Average vs. slow speed.

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But to answer your original question, do you already have a basic Vivica maxed?


No, I have yet to even start her. Zuri is at 3/70

Thanks for the link, btw.

With the costume, Vivica gets a +5% to mana generation though. That can help close the gap on the SS speed with the appropriate talent node and troop.


And do you have enough mats for both? If so, I think I would just finish Zuri first and then get to work on Vivica and her costumes.


No, sadly 6 darts and one demascus blade too. So whoever gets the nod, the other will be in the abyss for awhile hah.

I have been using Zuri for quite awhile. Also have Viv with 1 costume…both +20…Zuri is much better. That bonus and overheal with the 2nd costume looks enticing, but I suspect Zuri will still be the better healer for raids and war.

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I’d go zuri… But then work on viv next… Take all three versions to 3.70 and when you level her to 4.1, do the costumes first, then the original… Then put emblem on her.

She is still a very good hero… But zuri will be more than effective for the next 6 months.

Zuri would be a solid choose at your current situation. In long term, Vivi and her Custom will bring you more choice (Def down or over heal…) but you will need to wait, as Dart are hard to earned :frowning: