Please help I made a mistake levelling up a costumed hero

Hi all, please can somebody help, I was really lucky and got costume Vivica. I levelled up her costume straightaway and didn’t read the warning message.

Now I have Vivica stuck at 1,50 and can’t ascend her, if I try to ascend it says ‘The costumes ascension can’t be higher than the hero’s ascension.

I’m completely stuck, is there anything I can do now?

I hope this makes sense and would really appreciate any advice.


you have to level up her normal version first and ascend her to 2.1. only after that you can ascend the costume version. you can’t ascend a costume before you ascend the normal version.


Thank you, so I unequip then level up normal Vivica to 2:1 then equip her and I can ascend her?


yes but itd be best to level the ORIGINAL viv as high as you can.
then go back and do the costume.
this will alleviate any problems


Thank you both so much. That’s a relief


Another info that might help.

If you’re planning on embleming her costumed version (which is a sorcerer), you’ll still need her normal version maxed and emblem her there (as a cleric). Costumes follow the same path of emblems as the original version.

If you’re not planning on embleming her, you can leave the normal version at 4.1 and then bring the costume version till 4.80. Note that you’ll not be able to emblem her like this… And the normal version will stay weak… But might save some feeders for now…


Thanks that’s great advice, I really appreciate it and understand the logic now, it wasn’t so clear before.

Also remember that the costumes are like equipment, so each costume is only leveled for each base hero they are equipped to.

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Thanks Jag101836 so really you have to level up the hero twice

This is what I do. I always level to 4/1 then max out the costume.
Right now I have 2x cRigard max with their original version at 4/1 on those. (I do have one at max with +18 emblems.

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CRigard is great, hard when I battle him

Two caveats - you wont get the max stat bonus if the base hero is not maxed and you wont be able to add emblems

EDITING to avoid confusion: You need to have base hero to 4-1 and costume maxed to get full costume stat bonus. Need to max base hero to use emblems. Leaving my original comment to maintain continuity of the thread.


Well, the first one isn’t true (the second one is, as you put the emblems on the original, and that only can be done when maxed). Full bonus requires the costume to be maxed leveled and 8/8 special, but the original hero can be at 4/1. See this:
My first melendor with costume bonus and 18 emblem-nodes:

Second melendor:

And the original at 4/1 (not gonna emblem the second copy, and the costume version is usually superior)


You will.

And this is true.

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This is harder than I thought!

We promise it’s much easier than it may sound on paper.
Once you have done it once, or maybe twice, you will see and understand exactly. Don’t give up.

Do as suggested above:
Take Vivica (or any hero) to 4/1 first, THEN work on the costume and level that and take it to MAX 4/70 (4* Heroes) / 4/80 (5* Heroes).

You DO get the costume bonus when you MAX the costume but leave the original hero at 4/1 - I have done it to 2x Rigard, Sonya, and I think a few others. The only downfall, is as what is also mentioned above: you can’t emblem them. If you want to have it with emblems, max the original as well.


I got that info from here. I wonder when it changed. I always thought that being at final ascension but not maxed got you to 3/3/6/3 not 5/5/10/5. Huh. Interesting.

EDIT: Oh. I think I get my mistake. To get costume stat bonus the COSTUME must be maxed. And to get to last ascension on costume you will need to ascend base hero to final level (4-1 at least). Got it.


One more thing:

You do not have to actually equip the costume to level it up. You can keep the original hero in your teams and level up the costume without equipping it. Vice versa.


Thanks all, greatly appreciated!

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Nice advice.

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