Only 2 tomes, which 5* to ascend?

Greedings to all! As the tile suggests, there are a lot (for me anyway) 5* waiting for ascension, but only 2 tomes.

Without further delay, let me show the candidates:

Sif (3.70)
Uraeus (3.70)
Thor (3.70)
Vivica (3.70)
Sir Roostley (1.1)

Phileas Fogg (3.55)
Lianna (3.10)
Tellouria (1.1)
Elkanen + C (1.1)

Azlar + C (3.70)
Elizabeth (2.20)

I should probably mention my maxed 5* (all of them have at least some emblems), in order to have a bigger picture of the roster:

Purple: Kage, Alfrike, Hel, Bera

Holy: Poseidon, Onatel

Blue: Krampus, Magni + C, Crystalis, Glenda

Green: Heimdall, Frigg, Kingston

Red: Marjana + C, J-F

The obvious choises are one yellow and one red. But which one? Costume Azlar will pair well with C-Marjana and Boldtusk +9. As for holy I am torn between Thor and Uraeus.

Another thought is Uraeus and Elisabeth as the former can take advantage of the Elisabeth’s fiends.

And Fogg leave him for later? (I know I have Kingston as a sniper, but Fogg despells too)

Thank you in advance for your replies and sorry for such a long post!

I like your thought of Uraeus and Elizabeth. They do have strong synergy.
Fogg is superb. Do him with your next tome in the future.


Thanks for your suggestion!

Uranus hits hard even with 0 emblems

Yes – Uraeus and Elizabeth. Expand your two “weakest” colors.

I aggree concerning the “weakest” colours. But let me be the devil’ s advocate here. Thor would be paired with Jackal for a 1-2 punch (I have two 11 mana troops) and costume Azlar would be nasty if paired with Boldtusk, costume Marjana and Wilbour. ( I know, I am probably overthinking it :grin:)

Elizabeth and Phileas is my votes…unless you already have Evelyn, then I’d probably go Uraeus instead of Phileas.

Edit: you don’t have Evelyn, so definitely Fogg man in my opinion. Elemental defense down is sooo valuable.

Only Almur for the elemental defence down

I agree that Elizabeth is a clear pick.

Then your best options for number 2 are Fogg, Sif, Roostley and Ureaus. Of those, Fogg is all-around the best of them. But Sif and Roostley are great in their own ways. IF defense formations re-appear, Sif would be an excellent choice and would take your defense up a notch. If you are looking for a fun attack synergy, I agree that Uraeus + Elizabeth could be interesting.

If it were me, I would pick Fogg. But for your bench, either Sif or Uraeus. But, keep Fogg in mind for the future.

Elizabeth and Lianna.

Lianna is just so strong. Hard to pass up.

The next tome goes to Fogg, for that, I already made my mind. I have the darts and the rings to ascend 2 reds and 2 yellows. So fist Elisabeth + Uraeus and second c-Azlar + Thor (?). In between Fogg.

Honestly, I prefer Fogg over Lianna.

I’d do Elizabeth 1 and Fogg 2. Uraeus a very close 3rd.