First 5* Holy Ascension Help

Hey there,

I am a rather new player (4 months) and I am preparing to ascend my first 5* heroes to the last level. So ideally, I want versatile heroes, that I will be able to use both on defense and offense because there will be some other 3-4 months until I will be able to ascend the next 5* batch.

I was quite lucky and got many good heroes, and for Fire, Ice and Nature I have Black Knight, Cobalt and Frigg. For Dark I will probably go for Sartana (although I am still considering a bit Malicna). And I also have my current Rigard maxed and emblemed :slight_smile:

For Holy I have the biggest dilemma. I am considering Sif or Uraeus, both average. Sif is more of a support hero, while Uraeus has very high direct damage + works great against minions (I also pulled Elizabeth, so it would pair great with her, but I have decided to use Black Knight over her on defense). Other Holy options are Mica and Sir Roostley.

The Holy 4* I ascended are Gullinbursti and Mist.

I am curious to hear your opinions, especially from people that have been using the Holy heroes I mentioned :slight_smile:

I really hope to make a good decision, since I will be using these heroes for quite a while :smiley:

First of all, congrats for the 5* heroes. You were really lucky. :grin:

However, do you have the 5* ascension mats for them? They aren’t easy to get.

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Both Sif and uraeus are great offense and defense. Really a close call but both completely different.

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Looking at your emblems here… Frigg is rogue just like sif… And your yellow lacks a sniper.
I love sif but maybe I’d go with uraues


Thanks! The funny thing is that even though I bought some gems for pulls, most of these good heroes came from single pulls… :smiley:

At the moment I have mats for one Holy 5*. I did not get any Holy AM in the first couple of months of play, but the last two months I got a lot. At the end of April I will get the final mats for the Fire, Ice and Nature and in May, with Morlovia, I will get the final tabard for my Dark 5*

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Good point! I was also wondering how to divide my 500 emblems between Frigg, Sif and Scarlett (I am also developing my 4* roster). On the other hand, people seemed in general to be more appreciative of Sif than of Uraeus, though the reasons are not very clear for me.

Honestly, I wouldn’t divide. Frigg deserves all of them. She’s a powerhouse.


I would go with Uraeus. Can use him anywhere and that offensive synergy with Elizabeth looks like it could be devastating.

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disagree, uraeus he is really good for all kinda of events.

Also there not many good sorcerers, so fhey will pile up.

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Thanks for the replies so far :slight_smile: As the thinking process goes, now I am starting to be more inclined to level Sir Roostley. Sif is a bit concerning for me with BK on defense as they can be both dispelled (plus competing with Frigg for emblems).

Comparing Uraeus with Sir Roostley, they have almost the exact stats (Uraeus has around 20 HP less), but Sir Roostley has the potential to hit all and even if he manages to hit only two, he still hits those two in total harder than Uraeus’s one hit. Roostley’s attack down for a few turns does not seem like a detriment since he needs anyway time to get charged.

If Sir Roostley on defense hits all your attack team twice, you’re pretty much done. And the attack bonus from BK, the defense down and attack from Frigg and the attack from Roostley can be devastating for the attack team

Fine reasoning. Maybe one sidenote additional remark. Uraeus is a sorcerer and has +4% mana node on 20th node with an lvl 11 mana he will charge in 9 tiles.

Also on very fast events he would charge with lvl1 troop in nine tiles.

Roostley does not have this as it is a choice between +2% crit or mana on the 19th node.

meaning he will need a lvl 17manat roop +mana node or lvl 23 mana troop to charge.

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Thanks for pointing this out. At the moment I have 400 Sorcerer emblems and 627 Paladin (I was thinking though to give some of them to Sonya) and also a level 7 mana troop. Seems like I need 8-12 more months (at current rate) to get to emblem either of them on the 19/20th node :slight_smile: Probably it will take a similar time to level my mana troop to 17-23 :))

Your choice, if i were in your position - have both - and had to do the decision i would take uraeus first.

maybe consider that uraeus is somewhat similar to roostley vs. minion defenses as he does similar damage with his dot.

I see the uraeus as a more longterm viable hero.

I had to many cases where roostley was only hitting two, e. g. when going ful mono on a purple tank. On def he is great, but uraeus has much more utility, consider his other effects too, minion on all , minion healing, minion by pass.

vs. minions roostleys effectivness is limited.

Uraeus full attack node, roostley full attack node - 1 node for adding more defense. otherwise they have both the same attack stats.

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Thanks a lot! I have not taken a decision yet. I am finishing levelling Mist and afterwards (1-2 weeks) I will start on one of them.

I agree with what you’re saying. My preference for Roostley was solely for the fact that I want a strong defense team and I think he is a bit better on defense. I’d like to be able to get to diamond in a few months in order to get better loot from the chests :slight_smile: Now I am in the low platinum (around 80% of the time, I still slip down to gold from time to time)

Plus, if they re-introduce the new raid formation and I think they will, the utility of Roostley will get higher.

L.E. I also have Grimble that will be my second dark hero to level and use against minions.

Maybe this helps your decision making.

first one with lvl 16 mana troop on uraeus

Second one with lvl7 mana troop on uraeus.

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Thanks for the videos and cool raids! For sure Uraeus is better on offense. I subscribed to your channel, so looking forward to more videos :slight_smile:

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