Online/Offline (Green Light) Indicator for players

This thread combines several existing threads of the same great idea.

Alas, when merging the threads, the votes were lost! If you agree this idea needs to be implemented, please vote for it at the top. :slight_smile:

I would like to be able to see who in my alliance is online easier so I had the idea that if we had the little red and green dots that we have next to our names in alliance wars to see who is online also in the alliance members list that would be much easier than having to click on members to see the last time they were online.


Putting a green bubble next to your alliance team members to know who is online.


I thought I heard this suggestion before. With a bit of searching:


Hey since i started this thread and if it gets put into the game do i get a free hero of the month? Lol jk. Would be nice though


I just wanted to support that, what you say. That’s exactly what I already thought by myself too!

I like the idea a lot. During AW I use the battlefield to know who I can chat with. The mechanic to do it, software wise, is in the code. It would be nice to do this outside of AW. I feel it would be a little thing that would help build strong alliances, and strong alliances means more active players, and more active players leads to more $$$$ for SG. It seems like it is simple on SG’s side and easily worth the effort.

I would love it BTW.


I completely support this idea! Definitely would make it easier to communicate and coordinate team events.


This needs to happen! What a great idea.


I agree, as a Leader I would find this handy and could quit accidentally talking to myself


Totally agree with this idea and have voted for it. Invaluable tool for all members, but especially Leaders.

I love being able to see at a glance which of my players are online/offline. Is it possible to either keep the battlefield view or have something next to member’s names to allow us to see who’s on instead of having to click through each person?

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On the battlefield, we can see our alliance members online by a green light and offline by a red light.
I suggest this in the memberlist.
What is your opinion about it and is it clear what am I talking about?

I think it would be a great idea.

I like it to watch on the battlefield who is online, but the field is not always there. that is why I thought it’s a good idea to implement this function into the memberlist :slight_smile:

Basically as the title says it would be nice if we could see the online status of our own alliance members and maybe show when last time they were logged in, also a in game way of sending a PM at least to alliance leader, this not necessarily an easy thing to add but would be quite helpful.

Go to the list of alliance members and click on their avatar it will show you if they are on Now or when they were last on. The other is another topic…hope that helps :blush:

I agree, in the alliance member tab, next to everyone’s name, a little red or green dot showing if they are online or not. It would be faster and more efficient than clicking on everyone’s name individually. Maybe add another color if inactive for “x” days?

You can see 4(2 preparation / 2 war days) out of 7 days who is online))) by watching war field))

I love the 4 out of 7 days we can see quickly see who is online. It would just be great if it were 7 out of 7. Almost there :grin: