Display hero class on the heroes screen for non-maxed heroes

I suspect @Mojo1 is right that this is to highlight eligibility for ascension.

I suspect it’s also to save new players from confusion, wondering what it is for.

I know the logic why they placed it this way. I am saying, though, that it is rather easy to determine which hero is maxed by the information already available there. Combination of the rank + level makes it rather clear for every player who spent more than a week on the game (and those who spent less do not have anything maxed anyway).

Meanwhile, nothing indicates a hero class on that screen of the non-maxed heroes. My opinion, it may make new players more confused that they learn about classes by randomly opening hero cards, getting some random emblems etc. but not seeing it right there on the hero roster page. I am not sure where that information about emblems is currently in the tutorial.

Personally, I’d like to see the emblem, and if the hero isn’t maxed, a red X through it. Simple enough. And I do agree as well with the thought that new players may be more confused, and highly likely to make the mistake of spending their emblems on a hero they otherwise wouldn’t have, had they known they had this other one almost maxed (or it was worth the wait) of the same class…that Will happen. A Lot.


This would be a nice addition so it’s easier to visually determine which hero to spend emblems on or to save them for a certain hero in a class without having to make a chart for each class. Maybe leave the non maxed hero’s class symbol white and have the maxed ones be a green or some color to differentiate.

I too would like to be able to see who belongs to what class from the roster gallery. You can sorta come close by ordering the roster by class, but even there it is by inference rather than being shown explicitly. I’d also like to be able to see the talent tree even if I can’t use it yet for planning purposes. I think this is information that should be readily available in-game without the need to go to 3rd party online sources.

I’d like to see a ghosted or disabled class icon for heroes who aren’t yet eligible for talent promotion, to help me remember / figure out what class they are.

It could be greyed out or have a red X through it, or the finished ones are green, or whatever.


I agree this would be good. Greyed out icons for non-maxed heroes and coloured icons for fully ascended ones.

In the meantime - you can sort by class via the sort menus - that helps a bit.

I’d err toward something where it doesn’t look too disabled (e.g. not a circle with a line through it, or greyed out too much) before a hero is maxed, as I imagine new players who haven’t encountered talents might wonder what it meant.

It seems like “enhancing” the icon when talents unlock would be clearer than “disabling” it before hand.

That could be something like normal then a highlighted color, as @Ashera suggested, or maybe normal and then glowing.

It’s probably also worth considering whether the “ready to learn talents” indicator could just replace the ascension chevrons and level on the roster preview, since they’ll always be maxed.

Adding a glow around the class icon when we have enough emblems to learn a talent would save us from going in to each hero’s talent grid to check if we have enough yet. Not the most important request but it would be a nice quality of life improvement in game. image

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@Ashera I agree, this is a good idea — in fact I suggested a similar idea in the other thread where we were discussing the related topic of class icons in the roster for all heroes:

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Possible Merge of Topic — this is slightly different context, but both are related to improvements to the roster display of hero classes, and the styling of the class icons to convey information in the roster)


Yeah checking five different hero talent grids several times a day gets pretty annoying.

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Yep would be nice to see it all on the hero roster screen. Hopefully they implement the other idea too, both would be a nice overhaul to QOL in game.


Merged. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Could be shown grayed out and green blinking or whatever to differ.

I personally like green/red to match the war battlefield:

I immediately know looking at the field who is online and who is not.

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Would be so nice, if the alliance list had such lamps, too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Olmor You may want to support this:

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This. Greyed or translucent please.

As it stands right now when you are looking at your hero roster it only shows the class icon if you’ve maxed out a hero. It would be nice to see that icon on every hero, maybe make the icon gold once a hero has been maxed and the current colour for all the others that are not.

good idea… I vote :+1:

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