Status marker

we want status marker at the alliance member list .example who is online his marker green and who is offline his marker is red when the first look window at the member list our alliance. thanx…

I agree. I actually came to the forum to post this idea lol. It would be very helpful to see who is online. Would also save time when searching for people to hit titan. I second this idea :grin:

You can see who’s online in the alliance war battlefield. It’s not as nice but useful at times.

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True, using the battlefield to see who’s on is useful but war is not always on. There are time when seeing who is on is beneficial but can’t without going through each member and seeing “when last active”. Having a green or red icon next to member in alliance tab would save time.


To add to this request, could maybe add a short field to write a short message on your profile that is only visible to your alliance? It’s easy to miss messages im the chat and would be helpful to just write a quick update saying you’ll be inactive. There are other apps too that’s true but it’d be nice to have it built in to the game.

EDIT: yay, it happened! We got the featured message! And this was my very first post too :smiley:

Yes if you could make that little circle indicating individuals level in members list light up green and red it would help tremendously.

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I’ve posted the same idea a while ago and I still think it is easy to implement and very useful for all, not only for leader and co…

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