Online/Offline (Green Light) Indicator for players

Yes please. This would be helpful.

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man, that’s more than 50%. It’s a gift from devs! So be happy)))

I’d really like this. Any extra tools to make alliance officers life easier are very welcome!!

My feature request is very similar to the request from Sep '17.
During the war i can see who is online by a green flag.
Is it possible to set this flag also in the memberlist of the allinace?
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I also miss this opportunity. It could be eg. green online, less than 1 day yellow, red after 1 day.


who actively played the clan would be very nice green flagged

Dear Small Giant,
Is it possible to add a Green dot next to our user name in the alliance members list which could indicate who are online (active) in a particular time when we are playing it and that dot gray out if the player are offline please. In my experience, new player take it as they are ignored in the chat room and stop being social whereas in practical members are offline.


I like this idea a lot!


Not a fan, personally.

One of the biggest gripes community has with LoL is not being able to hide from friends and always being announced as present. Granted, it’s more troublesome there - people can bug you to play with them, but I can already see people being unhappy with it as they, for instance, don’t want to chat/respond to anything at the given moment.

Or if, for example, they won’t look at chat and someone will see them as green and then feel hurt they were ignored :slight_smile:


I see your point . And yes ,I agree it could go other way too as you just mentioned… I just thought it would be nice because some of our new members just like to yell “Anyone?” If you know what I mean. Not only for them, I would love to see if there is any one online when I am playing too. But not a bad input.


I mean as long as there’s an “invisible” option I don’t mind that whatsoever. Can even show people who chose to always be ‘invisible’ and always display the same dot so there’s extra clarity for new guys like your clan mates. To each their own and everyone’s happy (aside of people who want to see everyone whether they want to be seen or not :D).


This is Brilliant. Love the idea.


Can’t take the credit for it, it’s pretty common :slight_smile: But a sweet middle ground indeed.


You can already see whose online in your alliance through a few little extra clicks. From alliance tab, click on a member and it will show you the last time the member was active. It would be nice to see this info on the alliance list with the green dot, though. I like the idea. :grinning:

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Yes of course we can see who is active at the given time by clicking. But Clicking each member tab every time just know if anyone is active with in the alliance is bit pain in a back side,I found. Lol.

I would like to be able to see who in my alliance is online easier so I had the idea that if we had the little red and green dots that we have next to our names in alliance wars to see who is online also in the alliance members list that would be much easier than having to click on members to see the last time they were online.

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There are several threads regarding this and it has been mentioned a lot of times who knows hopefully it will be implementeed


Lol and here I thought I had an original idea. Hopefully if lots of people are asking for it they will implement it soon

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Does anyone have any idea where on the screen they would like to see this “green dot” occur? I’d like to see it on the Alliance Members List of course…


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