Visable Alliance Online Members

Can there be a way to see who in your alliance is online/offline? In the wars you can see them but just everyday look into the alliance you can not. It could be as simple as the war green/red on the person’s avatar in the alliance button view.


I agree with you. It would be nice to see if someone is playing at the same time as you. We message, but I know a lot of peeps in my Alliance aren’t big on chatting.

@ Rook can you merge this as it has been discussed before

I agree with all of you, its simple as a green dot next to their profile in the member list. I would like this feature so I can communicate with people instead of leaving a message for someone and that person not able to read it because it was erased after 50 messages. Also to encourage people online to participate in war and titan.

I’m not sure why this has not been addressed yet. It seems like such a simple addition. The ability to see who’s online just like the war battlefield is a great way to help in communicating. I was holding out hope on each upgrade that this would be one of the upgrades.

I agree. Let’s keep this request alive!

Any traction to this? Latest update out and nothing on seeing online teammates outside of war time.

For the record this is a #bugs-issues thread.

Of you’d like to vote for this idea there is one here:
Online/Offline (Green Light) Indicator for players


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