Icon to show who’s currently hitting the Titan

There should be an icon or light (green/red) that show’s who from your alliance is currently hitting the titan. This would be particularly helpful when you’re getting close to taking it down.

Couldn’t agree more with you…

A who is online indicator would help.

Arrange sth to be posted into the chat, maybe T1, T2 or T3 for the amount of remaining flags before attacking the titan.

Good idea. I would support that

Dang… I can only vote once. :rofl::rofl:

We try to encourage communication when the damage drops under 200k… doesn’t always work out. I hate wasted flags… definitely a pet peeve of mine.

Feel a merge coming on

@Rook @littleKAF @DaveCozy @zephyr1

Obviously there’s Online/Offline (Green Light) Indicator for players for the part about an online indicator, but did you have a thread in mind for the idea about something indicating who’s hitting the Titan?

I’ll let you choose :sweat_smile: :grimacing:

What I was thinking was a green light (or something similar)for currently hitting the titan and red light for not hitting obviously

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They all kinda fit into one really just have somthang when you loook at members there is a indication next to you if your online or not!
Simple? :woman_shrugging:

I was think a bit more specific to currently hitting the titan . So maybe something on the titan scores list an icon next to your name showing you’re actively hitting the titan. The online/offline green/red lights are already featured in war.

But war isn’t daily, sure there’s the times you can see who is on or not even before or after it finshed.
Having a thing next to your name in members will just easy sort it out if your online or not! There been other options to be able to tag in chat aswell to either hit the titan or not.
Surely just a icon next to your name in members is more better n easier to see who is online or not?

Maybe something like that:

Currently, the titan log displays the attack after it has finished.
“1 min ago: X attacked for 20,000 damage”.
They can add:
“Now X is attacking the titan”
After the attack has finished, it will change to the first message.

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They can add something similar to the icon the forum displays when somebody is currently commenting on a thread you’re reading

Ah ok I see what you getting at if titan has ex amount of damage left and someone is attacking it, can hold back to see how they do!

Instead of “TOP ATTACKERS”


or a third box for that.

Si sería de gran utilidad, buena idea amigo, saludos

Moderator Translation: If it would be useful, good idea friend, regards.

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