Have the tabbards and a tough choice

Just got my 6th tabbard and have several choices of who to ascend next.

I’m leaning towards either Ursena or Kageburado.

I have both at 3/70 as well as Jabberwock, Khiona, Marie-Therese and Grimble.

My current maxed purples are Hel and Seshat. I have Guinevere as my tank.

My other maxed 5*s are
Mitsuko, Marjana, Grazul
Alice, King Arthur, Magni
Alberich, Lianna
Guinevere, Joon, Poseidon

I also have enough rings for another red, but that’s another topic.

I have over 600 barbarian and sorcerer emblems available. I could also reset some heroes and have plenty of any class except wizard, Druid, fighter or ranger

I like the idea of keeping Seshat in the lineup along with the hero I ascend next. I have another strong purple troop coming up.

I would likely run something like:
Alberich - x - Guinevere - Alice (or another of my blues or reds) - Seshat

Kage’s very fast sniping is enticing, Ursena would be very strong, almost like having a second tank and has yellow reflect. Jabberwock hits hard an is unique.

I’m also seeing a lot of top teams with Marie-Therese. She’s strong her revive could be useful. She’s slow but with a fast mana troop and Seshat’s link, she could be as fast as an average hero easily.

With all the minion heroes coming up, Grimble will eventually get ascended, but he’s a few months away from reaching his max potential.

I’m really struggling with this one.

Who would y’all ascend next?

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I would go Kage. His speed is unmatched, hits hard, will make Guinevere even more frustrating to deal with. I don’t find Ursena too difficult to deal with as a flank. If you needed a purple tank, I’d go for Ursena, Kage outside of that.

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Good points.

Does anyone have experience with Marie-Therese or Jabberwock?

I’ve only run them whilst filling chests so I haven’t really tested them in raiding or war situations.

I did test out Grimble in a raid against an opponent with 3 minion enemies and he was as advertised. He cleared the minions without breaking a sweat. Not many of those types of teams at the moment but there are a lot of them coming up so, he could be an essential hero, he’s just a little ahead of his time

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Since you run Guin as your tank I’m gonna 2nd Kage over Ursena, she’s a decent tank but not a good flank against a yellow tank to me. I have Kage as my flank to Guin.

Jabberwock is pretty superb also, but not more useful than Kage.

I quit puss footing around and pulled the trigger on Kageburado.

I need 50 more tabbards I want to max Ursena, Marie-Therese, Jabberwock, Khiona and Grimble. Haven’t even started on my normal darks like Sartana, Domitia, Quintus, Obakan, or my duplicate of most of those.


I have those same 1st world problems, in EVERY color LOL

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I feel you. Red is next. I have the rings and a few candidates, but that’s a different topic.

@LadyAchilles, I have plenty of compasses, Fine Gloves, warm cloaks, Trap tools and orbs of Magic. Where I’m REALLY short is in maxing anymore 5* for awhile :joy:

I vote kage or khiona. I run hel and urs on my titan team (due to lack of options) and it’s annoying to manage their specials. I prefer urs over hel (on titans, with miki) but since you already have hel, and use guin as your tank… I’d wait on urs.


I just got my 6th tabard and now I’m in this dilemma for real this time LOL

I’m waiting until after Guardians of Teltoc before I pull the trigger on anyone, in case I get Panther.
If not I’m thinking I may take Sesh up next since she is already at 3/70 anyway.

Seshat for sure. Don’t wait to level her up.

I went with Kage.

I also run into the same problem with Hel and Ursena on the titan team. When the reflect is active, you have to wait to fire Hel so she doesn’t stop the titan mana

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Me? I agree except Panther. She is definitely more beneficial than Sesh. Panthers special benefits the entire dark Roster, including Seshat. Sesh can’t beat that.

And with Guardians right around the corner, those tabards will wait until I see if I can pull Panther. If I don’t, Seshat is getting them without a 2nd thought.

True, but you have Seshat and she’s a killer. Better that than a maybe.

You do know that the Guardian Event is literally next month right? LOL!

I wouldn’t wait if it was like 10 months later, but only a couple of weeks it would be foolish not to wait when I intend to pull for her. If this game teaches nothing else, it definitely teaches a little bit of patience.

I know. I’m just saying that regardless, Seshat is worth leveling