Who to ascend for my 1st 5*?

So I had a hard time choosing between ascending Seshat, Ursena or Sartana. Then I got Vivica from TC20 and decided to ascend Ursena and work towards a defense team of: Seshat, Vivica, Ursena, Boldtusk, Grimm. But in the last 30 min of last month’s Atlantis, I pulled Kunchen and am wondering if I should go with him instead of Ursena? Thanks for any input!

Roster unseen:
I would go with Ursena or Seshat (depending on if you need a tank or sniper).

Ursena is one of the tanks/flanks you see often in the top of diamond. Seshat is an upgraded version of Sartana with her dispel and minion.

I would wait on Kunchen.
Only other factor would be if you have any bottlenecks on emblems for rangers, sorcerers or clerics.

Ursena. One of the best defensive/offensive combos in the game. Chances of seeing one in multiple Top 10 teams on the Leaderboard is very high!

The only other 5* aside from the aforementioned I have are Thorne and MIsandra. No emblem bottlenecks. Only emblems I’ve used are on my current rainbow team:
Gandalf, Proteus, BT, Li Xiu, Grimm.

I’m assuming you’re new(er) to the game (less than 6 months)…

I think an elite sniper will get your further faster at this stage of the game.

That being said, an Ursena tank/flank is fantastic, but heavily needs strong support heroes. If she is stuck at tank with weaker flanks/wings, you can just dump tiles in other places.

A flashy defense is nice and certainly important for war, but overall utility goes to seshat

Gandalf is in this game?! I joke. I joke. You very likely meant Melendor, who is a splitting image of the JRR Tolkien character.

lol I always call him “Gandalf” in my head and when talking to my wife. His costume doesn’t do anything to separate him more from Tolkien’s character.

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g M

I don’t see it but who knows :wink:


Even Melendor out of costume looks like Gandalf the Gray! Before Gandalf became the new white wizard.

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I’m meh about an Ursena tank. It is purely my opinion, but when I face her i usually go 5tack purple. I find Kunchen a more stalwart tank. Seshat is a great sniper. Her dispell is handy. Her self replicating minions have saved her many a time on my team. Seeing as you have Viv too, my lean would be toward Seshat.

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