Wilbur vs Wilbur

Most of what I read/remember about Wilbur has to do with titan fighting. That is easy to understand. What about raiding, though, where the defense team has him as well.

If Wilbur 1 fires his special, Wilbur 2 should overwrite both the buff and debuff, right? That leaves me wondering what happens to that soirit link affect. Does the second special erase all of the damage sharing?

No, it refreshes the sharing. Damage sharing is a funny thing—when linked to a defense buff, it’s great. When linked to a defense debuff, it’s not.

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So, you are saying the damage sharing gets extended. What would happen if either dies?

TP 3.5 K vs 3.9K, you have use him at the right time, and also how to use your hero special at that time and on the right hero of the other team. Your yellow hero against their purple, your red against their green, etcs.

My question, though, deals with one Wilbur on each team. What implications are there when the second Wilbur shoots (very) soon after his opposing counterpart?

My strategy with Wilbur is to knock the Tank out first then activate Wilbur special, as his special is shared damage for both the offensive and defensive side, you don’t want the tank to hang around.

I haven’t seen Wilbur on any defensive team yet, I’m between diamond & platinum arena, Wilbur is mostly an offensive hero, there are much better red defensive than Wilbur , he’s also a bit squishy. AI is not so intelligent,
When AI activate his special it might not be advantageous, the only positive would be +63% defence for the team. Boltusk heal also +48% attack. I would pick BT over Wilbur in a defensive set up.

That is why I posted a “what if”. There is a possibility I am missing something useful in the mechanic.

Wilbur is one of those hero that specialise in a particular role, where as a Boltusk can be both, you can put Wu Kong and Wilbur in similar role for a 4*, they are game changer as offensive heroes.

One way you can test out your curiosity is AW , someone might have Wilbur in their defense, make a vid.

Hey @Bud, based on my reading of the power, if Wilbur 2 fires 1 turn after Wilbur 1, Wilbur 2 will remove his and his allies’ debuff (and get buffed) and Wilbur 1 and his allies will get debuffed.

Meanwhile the spirit link would get renewed I would imagine.


Turn 1: Wilbur 1 fires. Wilbur 1 + team gets buffed and Wilbur 2 + team debuffed. Spirit link activated for both teams.

Turn 2: Opposite. Wilbur 2 fires. Wilbur 2 + team gets buffed and Wilbur 1 + team debuffed. Spirit link renewed for both teams.

Is that what you were asking? I have no idea as I don’t have him but that’s my guess

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I would wager a guess that, as long as spirit link has already activated, even if Wilbur dies, the effect continues so long as the spirit link effect still has turns left.

The spirit link was my problem. I read some hero died and the allies’ spirit link ended while the opponents’ link continued.

Age has seized control and taken that name lol

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