What should I do for my future defense team.?


So far, my plan for my future defense team is to have Tarlak, Wilbur, Obakan, Khiona, and someone else. Not sure if I should use a 4 star healer like Kiril or just put in Richard. I’m leaning towards healer since Tarlak may not provide enough healing even with the shared damage from Wilbur. What do you guys think?


I’m starting to think Kiril would be best in case people want to try countering with someone who lowers defense or dispels buffs


Save gems up to 1million gems and wait till 2060 to pull this guy. He can kill a full allinace alone.



I use Wilbur for Titans. I haven’t really considered using him for my defense because his damage is shared for the enemy. Maybe use Sonya with Wilbur so you can dismis the shared damage. I think Gormek is a better choice in my opinion. Congrats on Tarlak!


I could see people selling there first born to get him :joy:


I had to do a 30 summon. Ultimately I spent $28 for the gems but that was definitely worth it lol


But I was thinking about Wilbur also because he and Tarlak share the same faction which would give a 6% attack buff for them I believe


At this Moment i would use Caedmon, Kelile, thorne, Kelile, tiburtus.


Caedmon, kiril , Li xiu, obakan, kelile


I’m starting to think defense team doesn’t matter at all. You win cups and fill chests based on your offensive teams not really the defensive teams. Let’s say you can construct a defensive team that keeps you in diamond. Cool. Can you consistently beat diamond teams easy peasy and fill your hero chest? Maybe. But really, what’s the difference anyways? The loot is basically the same between platinum and diamond.


I like to hover in low/mid platinum so I can fill my chests easy peasy. Sometimes I get platinum loot sometimes I get diamond loot, not a big difference really.


I don’t care too much for trophies. I agree that I’ll just lose them anyway and any defense team can be countered by just playing smart and being a little lucky. Just want to make my defense team as annoying as I can, especially for wars. I guess if the healing buff is on, I could get away with just having Tarlak has my healer.


How can you say something like that? I fight in medium / high platinum and I assure you that it is not the same to get up, like a month ago, with 250 less trophies, than to get up with 60 or 70. By the way, I do use Wilbur in defense, with a blue Boril tank, flanked by 2 red, aprvechandi that will bend against the tank, from left to right Wilbur and Colen and two snipers in the wings and won 40 percent of the attacks received


Honestly, Monte, I hate your roster. Of your 5s, only Tarlack and Khiona would get above 2^60 in my team. Those other 5s would only suck materials away from others who would make a better team.

Obviously, you have already gone past that, so my only advice would be rush Khiona even though it stacks dark and keep Kiril as a healer