Onatel vs Sif vs Norns vs Bai Yeong

Hey Folks me again!

Will be in position soon to ascend my next yellow.
I am not sure if its better to wait until the war rule-patch hits so i can adept to whatever is needed.

Title shows my considerations but for complete info here are my yellows:

First troop will hit 23 before the next 5* goes max.

I think there are arguments for each of them but my feeling goes towards Onatel versus Sif. I don’t have 5* Mana control except for Tellu but neither do i have mana-boost + riposte except for Albi and Obakan.
Norns would be a Metacall if Purple dominance returns.

Onatel only competes with Isarnia and Anzogh, Norns would be my 2nd Sorcs behind Locke, Sif would share them with Khiona, Marjana and Brynchild while Bai Yeong has Evelyn C-Lianna and C-Tibs in front of him.

Soooo wait for meta shift or is there a clear winner for you?

You cant get wrong with Onatel. She’s a unique hero on what she does, only costumed Renfeld is the other hero able to do what she can. Sif? It’s like playing riposters like Cyprian or Boril. Norns? Read the forum and you’ll see a thread requesting that she be buffed. Bai Yeong? I’d rather have a true sniper on my team that ensures death of the target, not tickling the target with wet noodles. Yeah, his blind is uber, but I’d rather have a killed enemy hero than a blinded enemy hero who may still cast healing or still damage you from its regular attack and skills.

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I’d say Onatel, for sure

Mana control is too amazing to pass up (imo)

Esp with Telly being your only other option [in 5*], make that decision even easier

I would say Onatel too. Definitely not overpowered but is the best option you have by far. Mana control is always a guarantee

Onatel is definitely the best choice. Not only does she have good mana control that recharges her own special, her elemental link heals her (and other yellows).

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