Help with holy heroes

Hi All

I have a problem deciding which yellow hero to level next.

I have 14 darts, and am choosing two between Viv, Inari, Onatel and Justice.

I have a maxed Guin already. My defence keeps me in diamond, and normally takes a few hits in wars, so I’m not concerned about defence.

My play style in attack is to bring Moma, a second healer, and hel and some def down and hitters.

I have quite a few 5* healers at 3-70;
Viv, Ariel, Aeron, Red Hood, and soon Kunchen.
I also have a maxed Moma. I have a few Alby too, at 1-1, and more Moma at 1-1.

Inari and Onatel look good, but don’t seem to suit my straightforward play style. Joon would solve the dilemma. What I seem to lack in yellow is a good strong hitter. Jackal and Gretel I have, but both a bit squishy.

Anyone who has played with Inari and Onatel, what do you recommend? Genuinely not sure here. All advice welcome!

Onatel and Hel can work together on offense, albeit their skills do require some coordination and thought rather than click-click-click as soon as they charge :slight_smile: Here’s a great thread about that: Proteus/Hel + Onatel = feels like cheating in events

Hope that helps with your decision!


Onatel is mandatory for sure.

As one can never have enough healers, I’d do Viv 2nd. She also shines in her class.

Inari is a cool rogue, but very niche. She’s a pure raiding queen.

Justy will sweeten your farming and is one of the best slowies. Justy and Inary together work like a charm. If both are active, all enemies definitely will miss. Justy also will shine in rushs.

Maybe the 2nd one should match a weaker of your classes.


Agreed w @Olmor. Onatel has a lot of versatility in all aspects of the game with the exception of titans. Added with the mana control you already have with Guin, offensive raiding, wars, and challenge events will all benefit with Onatel.

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This was a great read and has helped me as well. Onatel will get some love shortly.

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Just checking back in with an update.

I decided to level Viv first.

Then I pulled Posiedon. He’s getting darts for sure!

Inari, Justice and Onatel will have to wait. I need a good hitter and Posiedon fits the bill.

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