Onatel or Rana-C?

Hi all,

Assuming I won’t be able to pull Devana since she eludes me (otherwise, she would be my next yellow project), I’m currently wondering which one, between Onatel or Rana-C, I should max. I don’t need to improve my defensive team, only my raid attack teams. Both of them could get some emblems, enough to reach +7/8.

My 5* yellow maxed :

  • Malosi +15
  • Guinevere
  • Prof. Lidenbrock +19
  • Sif +19
  • Uraeus (not yet maxed, but I’m working on him and he will get some emblems in the end)

My 4* yellow maxed :

  • Gullinbursti +19
  • D’André
  • Mist +6
  • Guardian Jackal
  • Griffin

Other 5* yellow in the roster : Mica, Prof. Lidenbrock n°2, Neith, Joon, Norns, Bai Yeong, Malosi n°2.

Thanks !

C Rana hits hard especially with a decent mana troop. Don’t have onatel so I don’t know about her


I don’t have either but I’d much rather have Onatel her mana control and healing link are unique and powerful.


I would go with cRana. She makes a lot of fun and water dot is rare.

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Thanks a lot, so Rana would be more useful I guess. I will surely bring her at 3/70 to try her in some raids, and see what she’s able to do.

No experience with Rana, costume or not, but Onatel is fantastic. Mana control is always a valuable skill, but she’s also quite hearty, and don’t underestimate her element link (+4% healing per turn for yellows). It has saved my butt several times. I know I’m F2P and don’t have some of the shiny toys that others do, but Onatel is still my favorite hero from my whole roster. Highly recommend her.


I have both maxed. Onatel is my number one (innate resistance to blind + elementary link VS low costume bonus for C Rana) .

Mana control is really powerful specially in rush attack wars / tournaments and also in Ninja tower.


Well, now I don’t know which one could be the most useful. lol
Rana-C and Onatel seem to be awesome, each for different purposes.
Thanks for your advices.

I’ve had Rana (no costume) for a long time and she was on my Yellow mono team back then, but now she’s been replaced. Onatel popped out of HA10 a little while ago and actually did make the Yellow mono team which is currently, Jackal+20, Odin+7, Onatel+4, C.Joon+20, C.Vivica+14. Rana’s fine but is still honestly probably behind Poseidon and Uraeus to get back on the team. However, there are a lot of Purple tanks in Wars so a second yellow mono team gets used pretty often: Bursti+20, Poseidon+4, Rana+1, Uraeus+1, Joon#2.


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Well, I just got Devana, so the problem is solved ! :grin:

Just my 2cents worth. Id go with Onatel. Even over Devana. Mana control is very useful, esp on offense when you can control when and where to fire her. I used to think that her skill was a little meh, but i have paired her with proteus (learned of this combo here on the forum as well). Fire proteus 1st, then wait next turn to fire Onatel. What will happen is that opponents are mana locked for 3 turns (proteus skill), then on the 4th turn Onatel gets 75% of the mana they were supposed to gain. Then locked again on the 5th turn. The 4th and 5th turn practically recharge Onatel. And you have 5 turns to recharge proteus so you can rinse-rpt this combo.

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I’m not sold on Devana over Onatel either. Anchor’s spreadsheet gives them almost identical grades. Devana is solid for sure, but man Onatel’s mana control is nice for big bosses.

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