Onatel or Li Xiu


I currently have 4 orbs and 2 darts. I need to decide which next yellow hero should I work on.

I just fully maxed Guinevere to 4/80 + 1 level emblem. I love her so dearly as even with my 3830 defense team consisting of Boldtusk, Grimm, Guinevere, Proteus, Marjana, I am managing to stay at Diamond Level.

Other Yellow heroes: Vivica 3/70, Chao 4/70, Wu Kung 4/70, Onatel 1/15, Li Xiu 1/36, Hu Tao 1/10 and Danzaburo 1/1

Need 4 more darts to fully ascend Vivica but they may come way later.

So, with my my 4 ORBS, I am thinking of using them for either Li Xiu to reach 4/70 or Onatel to reach 3/70.

I am leaning towards more in ascending Li Xiu? Thoughts?

Has anyone used Onatel at 3/70?

Thank you

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You can get Onatel to 3/70 and use her for offense.
Her special can come in handy during offense.

I really like Onatel but given raid tournaments now, and the ability to have a fully functional/leveled hero, I’d go Li.

Onatel before Viv, btw. Viv used to be great but her slow speed and power creep of other healers means she’s not near what she once was. Onatel is still an A level hero.


I agree with @Halifax

Li is the way to go. If it wasn’t for tournaments I would have said onatel.


Onatel is just as sturdy at 3 70. But I find out Li Xiu mana cut on 5 very useful in AW. With +5 emblem and flanked by a fast hero, Li can be quite a headache to deal with.


Please be the real Alice Cooper


Thank you all for all your input.

Welcome to my nightmare…


I go in the other direction and say Onatel.
She can help you much more then Li on difficult quests and atlantis maps, as she is devastating in the long run.

Li xiu is not bad, but overall she is more defensive.

Onatel at 3/70 deals meh damage. She’s really only gonna help you with mana control, but won’t live as long as she could fully ascended.

On the other hand, Li’s mana control is meh… 20% is really not much, you are at most saving 2 turns against the slow heroes. It’s effective enough on defense during low platinum raiding and those raid tournaments for sure, but on offense she needs support to make it work.

Ultimately a lot of meh here lol. I’d be more tempted to go with Danza-boobies, yeah high risk special but 2/3 times it’ll be something good. At least until you’ve got the darts for Onatel.

That said if you do go with Li Xiu, although she isn’t impressive on her own, she does work well with other heroes that reduce mana generation (Little John for e.g.) and heroes that cast DoT (Kelile for e.g.). My wife uses Li with Little John and Kelile for one of her raiding teams, and she sits at 2100+ trophies. L. John particularly makes her 20% mana cut much more significant.

So if you do go with Li Xiu, as long as she is supported properly for offense, she’ll be a good hero on both defense and offense.


Yes. I have Guinevere, Proteus and Little John that can work well with Li Xiu. I also have Marjana and Kelile with DOT capability.

Since Guin is the better version of Li, ascend Danza (one of my favs) or Onatel, except you need a monk…

I have Wu Kong who is classified as a monk. Not sure why? Does Danzaburo freeze a lot?

One third for 2 turns.
The other specials are superior.
On defense you’ll never notice what he does. :rofl:

He kicked my a¿¿ as often as he saved it (like every other hero will), but his rogue talent to dodge, his stats and his non-frozen abilities make him even a viable tank imo.


I use Onatel at 3^70 all day, every day. She’s plenty sturdy enough at that level to complete challenge events, seasonal events, and Atlantis hard levels. Her mana control is super valuable. I love my Onatel, but you have Proteus, and I don’t.

I have four Li Xius, but thanks to Onatel and Poseidon, I haven’t leveled any of them, so I can’t advise there. But I think @Olmor has a suggestion that merits consideration. I used Danzaburo out of necessity for a long time, and he is surprisingly good. Very hearty, and two thirds of the time, he does a great special. I have him at +9, and he is my tank (1900-2200 cups). I also used him to beat Ursena today (alongside Onatel, btw, since she’s part of this discussion, too.) His bottle special kept my team alive more than once. He is annoying when he freezes, but considering your bench, he brings something totally unique, which Onatel and Li really don’t. Whether that is something you want is up to you. Just something to think about.