Is Onatel worth maxing for a def team?

Im 6 months in.
Def team is Alberich-Kage-Aegir-Kingston-Alice

Two snipers is enough to the plan is to replace kingston in defense. I have a 3/70 onatel for yellow and Im wondering if I should 4/80 her. I heard shes a great tank but I dont feel like her power does much?

Other yellows I have are a 3/70 joon but thats another sniper. Also poseidon and rabbit.

Is she worth maxing?
Also for red I dont have any good hero.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What other Holy heroes do you have? I would say, yes, because Onatel is a very good tank for Holy unless you have Guinevere or Delilah, who I feel are better.

Onatel is my primary tank. She has 9 emblems on her at the moment. I’ve fought Onatel tanks before and the constant special going off is very annoying.

Also, taking a def/health emblem path seems to keep her alive long enough to be a decent tank, imo

Yeah, but she’s better as a flank.

I dont feel like her power does much

You have to time it right. Best is when their mana is about 50-65% full

I run Onatel on my defense team, definitely worth maxing. She is good for defense on offense

Not great (nor terrible) for defense due to inferior AI. When you use her in attack team you frequently hold her special to bring infected targets to a halt, and hit one flank to infect x3 enemies, then hit the farthest wing and infect the remaining x2.

  • She will frequently target wrong and porbably never be able to infect the whole enemy team at once and she will override her own buff and ruin the mana slow magic.

+She has the top defensive stats to endure most dots and sniper hits.

I run with two Onatel in my roster. One on my defence team currently on max +7 and the other in a war team at 3/70 waiting for her turn.
I have found her to be good, and sometimes a life saver, in both defence and offence.
She makes a great tank and is quite formidable when her special goes off multiple times.
She also plays well in flank if your alliance runs with co-ordinated tank colours.
Max her, put emblems on her, and you won’t be disappointed.
Good luck

I have maxed Zim, Joon, Kingston, Alice, BT, Rigard, Kiril, Sabina, Grimm, Sonya, Buddy, Peters, Jackal, Falcon, Wu Kong, Wilbur, Proteus, Tiburtus.

Evelyn 3:70, Onatel 3:70, Joon 3.70, Viv 2.46, Mother North 2:40, Vela 3:30.

At 1.1 = just picked up Poseidon, Ariel, Delilah, and JF

I am missing 2 darts for my next yellow. Should I max Delilah or Onatel next?

As much as I like my Onatel, in your position, with your roster, I would max Delilah first. Good luck

Onatel is good, but you have White Rabbit waiting too?

Go with the Bunny - family bonus with Alice is a bonus, but he’s a great hero in his own right.

Rabbit is a key hero unless you have Vivs costume.

Onatel is solid. I fight in the top 100 every day and every day I face her at least once. She is extremely annoying with her special and she is hardy enough to usually survive a match from my mono team.

Id rather deal with her as a tank than on flank. If she is on flank, she will divide my attention from other heroes. 99.999% of the time I take the tank out first with gems and then go after the most dangerous hero with my specials. Onatel is on that list and it make it worse if another like MN or Zeline are on the opposite side as her.

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Onatel is one of the heroes that has been underrated by some, maybe due to her low attack stats and skill damage multiplier. I have her at +9 (I could get her much higher) and primarily used as flank, together with Drake +15 (can get him to +18), in my war defense. She is supported by a level 20 mana troop as I want her and Drake (supported by a level 20 crit troop) to fire as often as they can, mana drain as an added bonus. So far, very few players have successfully one-shot my war defense and not as often as they wish it to be.

Thanks for all the replies. I dont have delilah.
I also have a rabbit yes, but I was thinking 2 hitters is enough? Or I can put rabbit in flank, I guess why not?

Both rabbit and onatel look interesting, but I thought Onatel and aegir could be great

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