Vivica or Onatel

So, with Shiloh on the horizon and me sitting on 4 darts, it’s time for me to start planning for my next yellow legendary ascension. (You know, just in case darts drop from a war chest or something.) Yellow is my strong color for legendaries with Poseidon +2, Onatel 3^70, Vivica 3^11, Leonidas 2^60, and Ranvir 2^60. (By comparison, I have five other legendaries total across all other colors, including dupes of Domitia and Thorne!) Ranvir is out, as I have a very small alliance, and he’s working just fine for the titans we face. I actually like Leo quite a bit, but he doesn’t measure up to the lovely ladies. I’m sure my next darts will go to either Vivica or Onatel.

I’m leaning toward Vivica, as she is the only classic five-star healer, and as F2P, I’m assuming she’s the only five-star healer I’ll have for a while (ever?). But I do have good four-star healer options, including Rigard +20, Sabina +19, Kiril +19, Melendor +18, and Boldtusk +14. (I like healers!) Vivica’s costume, as last seen in beta, also looks pretty good, albeit the chances of drawing it approach nil for me. Finally, Vivica is a good place to put my cleric emblems, as I’m done with Rigard, and my next best option is Boril.

However, I love my Onatel. First ever legendary and HotM. Importantly, I don’t have Proteus, and I’ve already finished S2 normal and hard, so I’m unlikely to draw him. Onatel is far and away my best mana controller, and I still use her extensively in events and sometimes even the last stage or two of rare quests (especially Morlovia). She has decent survivability at 3^70, but ascending her would make it better. (Important, since her mana control effect ends if she dies.) I understand she’s a serviceable tank. Right now, I’m using Boril, and I anticipate replacing him with Thorne in the not-too-distant future. But it’s unlikely that Onatel would replace Poseidon in my defense team; I could flank them around a purple tank, but Domitia is my only legendary purple option, so that doesn’t seem viable, either. I hear Onatel is quite dangerous on offense, but since maxing Poseidon, I haven’t used her that way often, except in wars. Onatel would be an excellent home for wizard emblems after I get Kiril’s final node. My next best wizard option is… maybe Balthazar. Not kidding.

Any considerations I’m missing here?

Honestly, I didn’t read, but the title. Ofc, Onatel :slight_smile:

If someone wants Vivicas, I sell them in pair. Very cheap. I would never level such a hero. I know, I know, not everyone has my rooster. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t advise even my enemies to level Vivica. Every single yellow five is better than Viv, so not worthy for wasting darts. Even that crappy Justice is better than Viv. And when I meet her as tank in diamond or wars, I always ask myself what the hell those guys smoked :rofl:

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Oh, I forgot something. If somehow you pull her costume sometime, then yes, she becomes a yellow Kunchen. Then I would give her 6 darts.

Onatel first. I think she’s more valuable to have maxed for her mana stealing. Particularly considering that you’ve got pretty much every 4* healer nearly fully emblemed.

Just save up your cleric emblems imo until you either get a better choice or ascend Vivica. Whichever happens first.

You could run Onatel tank with Poseidon wing too, but idk, it depends on the rest of your D-team at that point.

Boril’s not a bad tank, specially so with emblems. I do understand the want to replace him with a 5* though, but for what it’s worth, I think he’s the best 4* tank. I’ve woken up the next day with several wins in my watchtower, and in low diamond.

You do realize that heroes aren’t only for defense right, and that Viv is actually a fantastic hero … a great healer and team protector and the only cleanse that holy has available? You say some interesting stuff sometimes … very passionate about what you consider good or bad, but also very misleading to other players.


That, because you are attacked by a lots of noobs. Best tank 4*? Not even close. Perfect riposte is a joke for those who know to play and know what is a dispeller for. I currently keep 4* heroes on the wings and a 4* tank (Proteus), TP 3900, I woke up in the morning and most times I found more 2-300 cups from noobs with 4300+ If the most players attacking you are noobs and don’t know to play against perfect riposte, doesn’t mean Boril is the best 4* tank. For me is a joke, for example. If the day comes when I lose against Boril or Cyprian, I might very well uninstall the game because obviously I lost my minds :rofl:

And seriously, I don’t know how could you say something like this. Couldn’t compare with Buddy, for example.

I’m moving on … got flagged already and I really don’t care how great you are, or think you are. I just don’t want folks to think Viv is a bad hero, she isn’t and she’s worth a max for most players in the game.


Buddy is indeed a good candidate for a 4* tank, and I think Boril is too myself. We can agree to disagree there.

Even if this is true, I don’t see why it matters, nor why it gives you the right to talk down on others and be so arrogant.

Even the best players have varying opinions about what is good and what isn’t. Nearly every game is like that, and barring wildly ridiculous claims (it’s not like I said Scarlett is a good 4* tank), there’s always room for healthy debate without resorting to elitism and belittling.


Let’s be real tho, is viv really that bad? I just ascended her a couple weeks ago…

Play with her and dont forget the Manatroops. She is awesome. I take her on every raid with 4 hard and fast hitters.

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Wew, thanks. I love having her tbh, she’s my one and only 5* healer

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I have a little similiar dilema, I already ascended Poseidon, and my other yellow currently is only Vivica, but I still wait and see, Poseidon is almost maxed, I will take Viv to 3.70 1st, she at 2.12 already helped me in my 6th war flag with my mono yellow.

I do not have Onatel, but from seing her card and from this forum, she is good specially for ofense.
Even it is marked as cheat(?), I mean this thread:

And here is just other resource by @l2ider :

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Viviva with high level mana troop and 4 snipers is a monster! I bet anyone will think twice about raiding a Magni, Marjana, Vivica +8, Sartana and Elkanen without stacking.
Looking at bench depth, I will say Onatel is slightly ahead of Vivica. So, my vote go to Onatel. A tough nut to crack.

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Per #forum-rules let’s focus on assessing the heroes in this discussion, and not each other.

That’s part my fault for not responding quickly to the relevant comments, but I was at a funeral visitation all evening. Saw 17 posts and was excited about some good feedback, but um…

Isn’t that just begging for a purple stack?

Based on the folks I’m currently leveling, I’m anticipating an eventual team something like Domitia - Boldtusk - Thorne - Azlar - Poseidon. Green is the only color where I don’t have a legendary. Melendor is my best option in green, but I don’t think he fits with this group.

I’ve definitely had this conversation with myself more than a few times. I will be pulling paladin emblems from Sonya for Thorne when he is maxed. So the question is whether Thorne’s special or Boril’s is better as a tank. I do like how riposte keeps many specials from targeting my flanks until it is dispelled, but I’m also starting to hear praise for post-buff Thorne.

I know that was addressed to someone else, but yes, if I level Vivica, it likely won’t be for defense. More like another war healer, another cleanser, and a healer in yellow.

Fortunately, my yellow four-star troops are mana; level 12, atm.


Thorne is beefy particularly with emblems thanks to paladin talent. He also hits hard, although not sniper hard; he needs strong flanks that can finish the job and not allow the attacker to heal.

But regarding Vivica or Onatel: it sounds like neither is going to be used for your defense team anyways, so you may as well go with the hero that provides you more advantages on offense :slight_smile: I still think that’s Onatel for you, particularly because you have all the 4* healers heavily talented (so you’re not exactly starved for a healer)

BTW: it’s not your fault Noble, but that’s all I’ll say because I would hate to derail this thread further


If you balance your defense between yellow/purple then then bringing a purple stack is mediocre. For example my defense seems to do okay with double purple, double yellow.

If you take a yellow stack vs me you’re strong vs 40% of my defense including my tank but you’re weak to 40% of my defense too.


So, something like Rigard - Domitia - Onatel - Poseidon - somebody?

Ideally you’d alternate the purple yellow. In your example if I bring a purple stack I could kill Onatel and then Poseidon without being slowed down by a purple.

Whereas with


If they bring 5 purples then after killing Onatel suddenly they are weak to both your flanks.

You’d want the somebody to be a fast or very fast unless they are Alby or MN

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