Onatel or Guinevere?

I understand that for many Guinevere will seem like this obvious pick right away. Please help me consider the options though, I will provide some additional information about my current bench and raid defense. Also keep in mind that I generally prefer heroes that are offensive in nature, I feel like I am a bit biased towards Onatel naturally because she seems like she would be fantastic in offensive raids and wars. I’ve also barely used Guinevere so I don’t know the full scope of her utility, and there may be some things I’m missing. Shiloh Desert is in about 2 weeks, that will give me my 6th dart, so one of them is waiting a long time for the next 6.

I have Drake Fong and Vivica both fully ascended, only tanks I have ascended are Khagan and Richard.
Thanks for the help!

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If you want the best defensive tank in the game: guin

If you want more of a versatile/offensive hero: onatel

If your alliance uses yellow war tanks, then i think I’d go guin

If you got time until alliance gets to that point, I’d go onatel

Think @Kerridoc could help with onatel as i dont have her and havent gone against her


I’m leaning toward the versatile/offensive choice so far, but I could be swayed. Also, my alliance uses blue tanks, definitely should have mentioned that before.

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Have you used onatel at 3/70 on attacks? That will you give you a good guage if she fits your playstyle enough to get darts

Normally first thing i do if i get a 5 that i dont know much about

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I dont do it like that. I just go by gut feeling and some imagination. :joy:


For selfish reasons, I will ask you to choose Onatel.

I wanna see more of other tanks other than Guin in diamond. :wink:


Unfortunately she has only made it to the second ascension so far, so I haven’t been able to do any kind of testing my self yet, I’m really relying on the consensus that I have seen from some of those on these forums that are enough for me to feel pretty confident on my feelings toward Onatel (have I mentioned that her art work is freaking awesome?). Also, I should mention that Hansel was one of my earliest 4* heroes that I got in this game, and he was a massive game changer for me for such a long long time, and of course I still get value out of him on raids and wars, even some events! Now I’m not trying to demonstrate a direct comparison between Hansel and Onatel. I just have a very strong fondness for mana control type heroes, Proteus is another I ascended much more recently, and boy is he a beast on raids and wars as well! His main issue is how paper thin he is, which is what makes a 5* mana controlling hero so appealing. I am also aware that she does operate differently than both of the ones I mentioned…but I think I will manage.

This wasn’t meant to be a wall of text, sorry about that. It’s late and I’m delirious.


Guinevere is a one-trick pony: she is the best-in-breed defensive tank. In every other role she is so-so.

Onatel is a better all-arounder. Unless you really need a world-class tank, I think Onatel will bring more joy.


A follow-up question on Onatel inspired by the mana control comments:
She is not penalized if the enemy has its mana drained while under her special, correct? She steals mana gains but doesn’t participate in drains, right?

Assuming that is correct, Hansel + Onatel would be a very effective blocking team.

Correct. Onatel only gets the upside.

Lotta Onatel love here. And I can see the argument for sure.

One other way to look at this though:

If one of your alliance mates had this decision, what would you want them to choose?

If the answer is ‘Guin because it’s gonna help our alliance win wars’ then maybe you should go that way :wink:

If the answer is ‘whichever they prefer’ then Onatel is a fine choice

(I’m not intending to suggest Guin is the right answer. But I do think she’s the better tank… so I think looking at it from another perspective may be beneficial.)

I have her and I think that she is grate … in raids she got charged 10 times while zimkitha charged 3 times… she hit 250 power guen do not hit … the only problem she has that the big players don’t have her yet … so they will promote guen … same thing all did with ( ares ) at first they said it’s not worthy and that was all over the you tube … a month later it’s the best tank … I think onatel is the greatest tank but wait until the next month

I can’t see why you couldn’t run them both at the same time with Guin as your tank and Ona on the wing. Richard never scares me as a tank…I always think twice about facing Guin, I usually do it because I have Hel and she can stop her cold if I get a decent board. I have both Guin and Ona and will start working on Ona once Guin is finished(currently at 4/58) I want to see them both with a fully ascended Kage on one side of Guin and Hel on the other with Ona in the corner and Zeline in the other corner…BAM :sunglasses:

i put this topic up again… because i have the same “problem” and dont want to make a new one just for that question,
and a lot of you now can say if onatel or guin (cause onatel was tested enough i guess the last months)

i can’t decide who of them should be my tank(have only 6 Darts and would be my first 5* yellow)

is guin still “THE” tank? i Need some nice Defence Setup for war(priority) and raid,
i use onatel on offence in war at 3/70 and she does the Job, so i would lean towards guin…

i want to run one of these ladies with(all my only 4th ascended 5s so far) :

Evelyn(max)- Ariel(max)-guin/onatel(both 3/70) - kage(soon max) - marjana(soon max, but once i have enough Tonics again i consider switching her with liana)

edit: “Problem”

I have both maxxed and I like both. If I had to choose one for me it would be Guin.

That said, when I 3-2 stack yellow I put Guin and Onatel side by side and they can pretty much beat an entire team "IF they survive long enough to fire.

thank you very much :slight_smile: that was just the kick i needed, somebody who has both ,
i go with guin…

in half a year i will Maybe have onatel maxed then :smiley:

do you use guin as your tank? or do you have gravemaker or someone else?

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Guin tank all day…I give her emblems too.

Yes, you should max Onatel. Like I said, Guin and Onatel side by side on offense can be awesome.

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Interesting pairing. I like the synergy.

It really works well, they heal each other and pretty much stop the other team form firing.

In the tank position, definitely Guin, I have Onatel maxed, and she was my tank for a few months, but I barely hold low diamond, I am going for Guin the next Avalon.

In attack, Onatel has proven to be a MONSTER, she has helped me to win raids almost lost (just yesterday I won a battle where I had lost 3 heroes with the entire enemy team alive, only her and Rigard left).

I don’t have Guin, but for what I’ve read about her, Onatel may be a more versatile hero.