Onatel vs Delilah, need advise

Hi there!
I am not really f2p player, sometimes i do buy gems but it is not enough to get a lot of 5* :wink:
Just got Delilah and Onatel from Atlantis summon. My first hotm and thats playing almost from the game start.
I do have full Vivica (which i do not like, slow in offence, not that good as center char imho, i always look for a center Vivica in raids), 3rd rank Leonidas, Wu Kong, Li Xiu, Chao, Hu Tao.

Darts are rare, for me so the main question for me right now - Delilah or Onatel?

I hate to attack Delilahs… ok speed, big impact ability.
Onatel, on the other hand looks very promising but no expirience with her.
Any advise from expirienced players?

Oh and the most important part, of course the main focus are clan wars.

Delila for war definetly, but you have 5* yellow hero so Onatel can be better decision
Wars - Delila

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Hey, thanks for advise. Thats what my teammates are saying. Delilah would be great substitution for Vivica on defence team.

But i do wonder if maybe Onatel extremely good on offence? Or Delilah is great healer too? In wars of course.

Delilah is fantastic on offense as well as defense.

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I was gunning for Onatel today when Atlantis hit. Didn’t get her, but got Delilah. I’m very happy with that outcome and if given the choice would level Delilah over Onatel anyday (based on my current lineup). That being said, Onatel will be great to have and I wish I had gotten her too! I love her strategic playstyle, and she’ll be an absolute beast in challenge events and other stuff.

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Thanks for opinions! So Delilah is everyones first choice :slight_smile:

You cant go wrong with either.

But depending on your lineup.
If you dont have a healer, go for Delilah but if you already have one, Onatel is extremely fun on both ends.

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So I have to say that Delilah is the only 5* healer I have and 5* Healers are few and far between in this game! BUT! February hotm is a purple healer and there is a few 5* healers coming out in the next couple of months, (2-3 I think) There’s also a new 4* hero coming out in the new monthly event that is going to kill all minions and actually gets to hit a second random target during the same turn if it kills a minion. Now I don’t know how long it takes you to max a 5* but going off what you have I’d say a couple of weeks? I only ask because it usually takes me around 7 days give or take but I do spend a little and have everything maxed and I say all that because I know that it can skew how I look at who to level. With all of that being said though Onatel is a game changer!!! Some people really don’t like her and I honestly think it’s because she’s a different kind of hero. She’s not a standard fill the Mana bar, pick a target, and fire, kind of hero. You have to use her some to figure out the best ways to use her. For instance, in wars, if I’m attacking someone and all 5 of their heros are alive I don’t use her special on the front 3. I’ll start with one side and depending how fast she charges up again I’ll hit the other side or the same side again. That’s just one of many examples because you have to utilize her to prevent their heros from charging their special and then you can also burn unusable tiles (if you don’t have a rainbow team, which I rarely use) on those hero’s and it charges her special at the same time! She’s great for Titans! And on my defense I’m actually really liking her as a flank to my tank right now. But after saying all that, I don’t even have her maxed yet LOL!! I’ll have her maxed today but I completely switched my number 1 raid team when she got to be around Tier 4 Level 20 just to include and utilize her. But hey with the stats she has for defense and health you can utilize her as 3/70 she’s just not going to do much damage, but she’ll still save you in wars by preventing the enemies hero’s from charging their SS. In the end it all comes down to what you need the most! I just wanted to let you know that Onatel is a really really good hero! I actually wish I had 2 LOL!! Good luck with everything!!


Thank you Sir,
Well i have really troubles to get the darts, playing almost from the game start i got only 11 darts so far. 6 ate Vivica. I get more ascension items for other colors (espicially tonics) but not the darts. Actually i dont know when i will get the 6th Dart for Delilah/Onatel. But of course i will set the training camps for these holy farm material.

That’s why it is very important question for me, Delilah or Onatel :wink:

I have Vivica but even if she is wonderfull in the campaign i really hate her performance in wars and in raids. I take Boldtusk for my main nr1 war team as healer on offence.

Hi, is there a thread that shows February HOTM or some of the newest upcoming Heroes?

I have actually 2 Onatel and I just got from Atlantis Gate Obakan so I’m quite impressed now. 1 Onatel is already at tier 3/10 the other 1 stay as it is and I work on Obakan. She’s great

Hdllo, what do you mean by Tier 4 TC20?
I got Joon, Onatel. And Delilah and decided to lvl up Onatel, however I don’t hink she’s unbelievably good. It’s as you said must be use with strategy just like Proteus.

But I still. Have time to switch main Holy Hero.

I think he meant his Onatel is at level 4/20.

If you only get to choose 1 yellow 5* then I think Joon is a better pick for being more versatile as compared to Onatel.

Onatel is great and she is my 3rd yellow 5* to be leveled.


*sigh hehe my Onatel is lvl 50 she’s like my tank, but I know her skill is not so strong and the healing of the holy is meh, also I don’t see Stacking holy effective due to the hero missing on the troops of the missing element. Would you replace Onatel for Joon in this team?

Yes. You are definitely one of the newer players based on your hero levels but they are nice heroes to have. Once you level them, they are great.

Joon is definitely a first pick if he is the one and only yellow 5* you are gonna hold on to in a while.
He strikes hard, blinds, fast mana and can be used for all situations.

Onatel is catered to more end game players for raids and wars. She would definitely not be a first pick but I am not saying that she is not a monster.

For newer players, the fast snipers are definitely the best to have as you also have Lianna.
Go for Joon first and you can choose any other yellow as your next 5* be it Onatel or Delilah.

PS. you obviously can afford to buy gems to pull heroes. My advice is to get at least a 4* troop for every color. The stats for your heroes greatly improve with them. Slowly up them as you grind your way up.

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Thanks a lot I have plenty of 4S, but not so many extras to lvl up them. There are some with similar skills, I like the fact that it can get complicated mixing up teams, but right now I can’t make good temas with different heroes as I need to lvl up a main team to progress, I invested around 30$ where I got Joon and Onatel, but then when on rampage and crazy to get Kageburado that I didn’t get. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

But anyways take a loot at my other 4s

BTW I just lcled up Joon, will be switching it for Onatel I agree with you, it’s just that she looks awesome :grin:

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At a glance, work on the following 4*:

Some may not agree with my choices above but they do help you with events and titans.

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Thanks for the help! On the main I’ll put Joon on the rear and BT in front. I think he’s more tank

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