Onatel or Leo for defense

So my current lineup is Leo-Magni-Kunchen-Azlar-Morgan, I have all the materials to ascend another 5* yellow & was thinking of replacing Leo. Would Onatel be a good replacement? If so where should she be in my lineup?

I have other yellow options such as Raniver who is 3-70 but I feel he isn’t great for defense. My other yellows are level 1 tier 1- joon& justice but I don’t like the chance to miss with special skills.

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@Rach7891 :slightly_smiling_face:

It should be Onatel, since she’s one of the best holy heroes.

Leo is just meh…


Onatel is a phenomenal tank. Good luck.


As someone that has used Onatel quite a bit and raided against her, I find her meh on defense. She is great on offense. It would really depend on what cup range you are in though. I think she is worth ascending and try her out in your defense to see the results.


Do you think she would be better than kunchen as a tank?

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I keep in diamond range most of the time but I’ve noticed I barely hang in there. If I get over 2600 cups then i get knocked down very fast. I once made it to 2750 & in less than 35minutes i was knocked down to under 2400 lol

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Thankyou! Do you think her or kunchen as my tank?

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No way…Kunchen is probably the toughest, most bad-board punishing and all-rounded tank in the game! Hands down!


Nope, Kunchen is #1 imo, but only because there are not many holy mono teams being competitive enough. My weakest color is yellow.

I always stack against his flanks to leave him alive and if I’m happy, Proteus was able to charge after a single cast of Kunchen to keep him calm.

He’s so sturdy with def/hp nodes, that he survives even 6 yellow tiles of a holy mono stack.

Onatel, Ranvir and Kunchen are the only 3 HotM, that avoided me since last December.


I don’t have Kunchen. My wife has 2. I can say as awesome as she’s been for me as my Tank, I’d probably go Kunchen. At least as your raid or war Defense. I hate fighting him being up front. Good Luck!


I spent a lot of raids hunting down yellow tanks in high Diamond recently. And Onatel punished my bad boards worse than Guin did.

Might have just been luck or chance. But I personally fear Onatel as a tank most among yellow Tanks.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

(So yeah I agree with Onatel!)


In my honest opinion, and I do have her as my tank, it has to be Onatel 100%


NO she would NOT…

I also have Onatel, maxed and emblemed, and staying in Diamond Arena. I am surprised some players place her on a pedestal when my experience tells me otherwise. On attack, her damage to 3 enemy heroes are so minor that the defense can ignore it. Her mana steal can be appreciated but ONLY on the 4th turn as her incremental mana steal in between turns are insignificant. On defense, her attack to my raiding team is almost negligible and her mana steal can be anticipated for several turns that both allows you to ignore her and target other enemy heroes that pose more of a lethal threat against your raiding party. Her advantage is that she is beefier than most heroes that I rather max her than Leonidas.

Currently working on Rana on her 2nd tier to replace Onatel in my yellow attacking team to give far more damage to 3 enemy heroes than what Onatel can provide. I am still torn with Inari on which between Inari and Rana is a better hero to ascend 5 star holy heroes. My 3/70 Leo may still remain as such as poison darts are difficult to come by.

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