Kunchen or Onatel at tank?

Hi, guys! I need your help and suggestions…

I was very lucky with a single 10x pull last Grimmforest: 3 Seshat! And I have a nice sweet dilemma now…:sweat_smile:

This is my DEF Team: THORNE+6 / ONATEL+7 / KUNCHEN+6 / BUDDY+18 / MORGAN LE FAY+6

Give Ranger’s emblems to Seshat (I’ve got 1 at 3.70 now with all the mats to ascend her…)?
Onatel at tank, with Kunchen and Seshat flanking?

Please, let me know your opinions…I’m struggling…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:…a sweet struggle!:joy:

Kunchen is the better tank in my opinion as he is more punishing.

I would do the below since I have not seen your roster:

Seshat - Onatel - Kunchen - Morgan - Thorne

Some would argue to tank Onatel and flank K and S but why make a lineup look nice when K is actually better at that position.


Thanx for your suggestion…so do you think Morgan could work on flank also?

imo Thorne at Wings totally wasted , switch Morgan to Thorne will be better


Onatel is very suitable for Wings. Because Onatel at Wings is very disgusting.


Yes very much possible.

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Kunch hands down… I ran alasie onatel kunch marj lianna this defense kept me around 2500 cups. I’m running alasie joon kunch marj lianna and cups are around 2600 now…


Whenever I put Kunchen as tank, I see green…green…and occasional red. Some times I wish raid loss by attackers would also drop hams and iron instead of just cups.

I don’t have Onatel, but I don’t have difficulty getting rid of her on opponent’s lineups whether in tank, flanks or wings… Although I avoid dropping ineffective tiles on her unless I have setup a reposte.

Between the two, I will choose Kún.


Thanx a lot to you all my friends, for your precious inputs!:wink:

So it could be like this?



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Or the one @arios mentioned, where you switch Thorne with Morgan.

This lineup will easily keep you in diamond.


Agree I would only switch Thorne and Morgan’s spots though, for the same reason: Morgan is much better in the wing (her life drain + fire element defense to herself, makes her IMO one of the most difficult heroes to take down on the wing) whereas Thorne is much better in the flank. :wink:


Morgan at wings is a pain in the ■■■ to kill. Right wing is perfect place for her.

And a good thing about Kunchen is that he’s sturdy enough to protect heroes with average mana speed. Thorne and Onatel will be able to fire their specials at least once.

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Yeah, you’ve got it guys! So I’m going with SESHAT-ONATEL-KUNCHEN-THORNE-MORGAN :wink:

I’ve got KING ARTHUR at 3.70 also…do you think I would go for the final ascension, and put him on instead of thorne? :thinking:…one target, lesser total damage…mmmh :thinking:

Still up Arthur especially for Red titans.


Arthur only applied for Titan (Elemental Debuff) and Offense , for Def he is rather weak , same tier as Thorne

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Arios…I was thinking exactly the same…I’m doubtful about this “blue-switch”…

Arthur deals more damage to a single target than Thorne, he’s almost on par with Magni’s damage. But he’s average speed instead of fast, which makes him less valuable than Magni on defense.

Also Thorne overall dishes out more damage counting the nearby targets he hits. Both him and Arthur are average speed.

Personally I think Arthur on defense is worse than Thorne or Magni. But I agree with Airhawk to level him, he is phenomenal against red titans, his special attack is basically built to destroy them.

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