Better HOTM tank, Onatel or Kunchen?

Onatel or Kunchen?

I have Onatel at 3/70 with mats to take her up to 4/80. I’m hoping to pull Kunchen during the Wonderland event. Which would make the better tank? Would they be good side by side on a defense team?

Kunchen. Onatel is not that great of a tank since the AI is likely to use her special on the same heroes, renewing her debuff and not taking advantage of that increased mana steal in the 3rd and 4th turn. She’s much better on offense where you can think it through and pick your targets. Kunchen is also not ideal since he’s slow mana, but he’s a better choice here imho. If he goes off, it’s nasty.


I really thought this topic would have garnered a few more responses. Does anyone else want to weigh in on whom they think makes the better tank, and if they can co-exist together on a defense team?

Between onatel and guin tank, guin is harder to be taken down. Now a lot of people have guin tank, and more people have the antidote to taken down guin tank by stacking purple.

So since a lot of people have prepared many purple heroes to defeat the yellow tank because of guin, then onatel become easier to be taken down too (since onatel tank inferior to guin tank)

My suggestion is kunchen will be better if u want to create a solid tank.

Ps: i don’t have guin nor kunchen, but i have onatel. Her hits kinda weak and not really scary on defense side


I agreed with @rafalss so all I did was heart that post.

kunchen is slow mana speed hero , i have a couple of both of them , onatal is very dangerous in raid i like she too much, two heavy heros with 770 point of power
kunchen 4 level max have 815 point of shield, amazing tank

LMAOOO LOOK again deltauno Kuchen is SLOW mana speed Onatel is average speed mana and he also has the EXACT same stats as Onatel

I use Onatel on offensive raids (solid choice) and have tried on Titan hits too (so/so results) in 3/2 color stacking. I used her briefly on my Defense team in rainbow and over 200 cups lost in little time. Never again in Defense. Haven’t gotten Kunchen yet but want nonetheless. HOTM have been great for me.

i agree, Onatel is good for raid and war Vs purple heroes , drain mana pretty well, for titans is better the strongs one shot kill hero lianna, pretty hot Zeline ,sartana
kunchen is very solid 770 point hero whit strong 815 point shield, recovery healt 42% and -20% por enemy defence power and +46% more defence for ally purple against yellow enemie

Healers as tanks have an intrinsic weakness: you can always dump lots of tiles into them to set up your board for the kill. The consequence of the healer firing is pretty small: he just heals up a team that already at full strength. Kunchen does throw the defense ailment at you, but that can be cleansed pretty easily by, say, Zimkitha or flipped by Kiril.


correct ,but do not forget that its resistance and others purple ally increases by 46% gainst yellow color after the use of the special ability, do not doubt this guy is hard to throw down

It’s all about sustainability with a healing tank, since the others will also charge. Slow, but they will and all at full health. I like healing tanks. A sniping tank often is at 20% health before the first and only hit and then dead…

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Having faced them each a handful of times to this point (probably a bit early for this question yet), I’d say they are both solid but not amazing. Same general rule applies to them as most any tank … if you have a good board, both are easy, if you have a bad board, both will punish you, and if you have an average board, your ability to read the board and get some luck is what will have you prevail or fail. Onatel could have been better/great if her effect wasn’t lost upon death, but since it is, she lacks the bite she should. Kunchen suffers from only being as good as the heroes he’s paired with, as do most healer tanks.

Having said all this, I’ll give the slight edge to Kunchen, simply cause if he fires, it can get ugly quick. Onatel could have also benefited from having the same spirit link as Kunchen I think.

The flip side to that is its hard for the AI to misuse the skill, whereas Ontel could be used very stupidly by the AI. That’s what I always look at.

Based on the times I have faced Onatel in defense, I have to say - meh.


True that. I’ve stated early and often that I think Onatel is amazing and fun on offense, but she’s not getting anywhere near by defense.

@deltauno I had omitted to consider his elemental link defense. That does make him substantially more robust, but it’s unlikely to help another ally (on defense). In purple stacks with, say, Domitia, the cumulative shield will be great.


yeah thats the only thing I would want her skill to do is stack.

kunchek is similar a rigard+ kashhrek(+54% protection aganist red color) whit more power, life and shields, rigard is good tank, kashhrek is very good tank , kunchek is 770 power fusion of this two heros and put down the enemies defence 20% help the rapid mana ally to hit harder , very harder

Love Onatel, but she is not a tank. Do not have Kunchen, do not want Kunchen, but if he is all you got…

Well, Kunchen paid me a visit today while doing Wonderland pulls. I don’t have a true 5* tank, so he may be doing the job for a while. Appreciate everyone who weighed in so far!

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So, just got my Onatel fully leveled and have 6 nodes in talent tree. She has a higher health and close to equal defense as my equally leveled, one node higher, current tank, Aegir. She is a beast and I have put her right next to my Aegir. I would feel entirely comfortable using her as a tank.

That said, I don’t have Kunchen, but he has aided in killing me in raids and war a few times. And I think he and Onatel have very close (if not exactly the same) health and defense stats. He’s slow, she’s average, becoming faster depending on that mana steal. But with the right team and board, he’s easily taken out before his special goes off…

I vote Onatel.


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