Defensive team help please

Hey, been playing this for a few months now and have had good luck the past 2 months drawing HOTMs in first 10 pull.

I have accumulated a few 5*s now and have a couple at 3.70 now. I’m looking for help setting up a now defensive team and a future defensive team. Please and thank you.

My goal is to get into diamond, I’ve been stuck in platinum for a while now. Time to move on?

This would work, even if “emblemswise” you could have troubles with 2 clerics.


Thanks for the reply

Right now

Wu - Buddy - Wilbur - Grimm - Proteus


Mother North - Onatel - Kunchen - Marjana - Grimm


Thanks 20 characters

Hey @Razor, I was just wondering your thoughts on this. Onatel or Kunchen tank? Thanks :pray:

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@Feardragonx - I haven’t had any experience facing Kunchen yet so I have nothing to go on.

They have the exact same cards. Only thing different is their special (so logically you can look at those and make a clear decision based on what you consider to be a solid TANK between the 2 - I’ve learned that one persons criterion can be completely different from another’s). After I face him 50+ times I should know! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Check this out if you haven’t already seen it:

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Been seeing a lot of Kunchen and Onatel tanks in top 100 recently…I can’t level these guys fast enough!

Good problem to have…

I was lucky enough to land this amazing gal even though I was trying to get Alice. Does she change my future setup? How? Appreciate the input! Thank you!

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