Onatel, Inari,Ranvir,or Justice

I am ready to max out another 5* hero. I already have Joon at max level and am split on who to max next. I am currently happy with my main defense team but there is always room to improve. I will post pic below. I also have a maxed out Evelyn 4 emblems. All opinions are welcomed I would like to hear from people who use these characters on a regular basis

I don’t know that I would choose any of them for your defense team. Depending on what else you have and your playstyle, Inari or Onatel are likely to be very good choices for offense, and Ranvir for titans. Absent any other info, I’d go Onatel.


The only one I have is Onatel and I’m a big fan. She has my wizard emblems. I use her on defense because her stats are good, but she’s more an offensive weapon in my opinion. Using her special has saved me in many instances.


I run a very similar team to yours. Frida, Onatel, Kunchen, Azlar & Melendor. This team easily keeps me in diamond although it certainly could be better.

Onatel is a lot of fun on offence. When you get a board that let’s her roll her attacks she can control the battle very well. She does lack some punch but if shes firing 2 or 3 times as often as any one else on the board that makes up for it.

I’m currently levelling Gravemaker and Joon (as well as Lianna to replace Mel). So I’m interested to hear the replies to this thread.

Facing them on defence I don’t really fear Justice, Onatel can be tricky just don’t pile tiles into her, it’s a little bit early to judge Ranvir I think hes a gamble for both teams so I’m not too worried about him. I hate facing Inari. One or two dodges can ruin your chances of a win.

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Not necessarily looking for defense team. I have a few hero’s set for that position when ascension material chooses to bless me with its presence lol. I stay consistently in the 2550-2650 cup range and have gone into the top 100 at a semi-consistent rate (although I do not stay too long) I do have 30-5* hero’s some pretty decent ones too but am lacking a few of the most popular ones. Guin, Kageburado, Aegir, etc. but still pretty happy with what I have. I am actually leaning twards Inari just because of the fun factor. I think it can either completely make a mess of things for an opponent or go down in flames… fun either way lol. I see a lot of people sporting Onatel and from my raid experience if you can avoid getting caught in the endless loop of her special not too bad to get out of there. Ranvir and Justice I do not see a lot of so I’m not too familiar with their pros and cons from a raid stand point.

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I really appreciate the advice. Any insight from others is helpful :blush: good luck with your team building hope to face off with you someday. Sounds like we would be a fairly even matched challenge for each other.

Thank you for the advice. I know Onatel can definitely be a wild card when raiding. Although I don’t fear her I have got caught in her special cycle and it can be a huge pain!

If you want a hero in your def team then Onatel is your choice.

Ranvir is also great and can be a pain in def. But he’s mainly an excellent titan hitter, better than Wu.

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Hey All
Looking for a little help with this one… I have Onatel maxed and it’s time to work on another holy
Inari… Ranvir… Guardian Owl are sitting on the bench. Any suggestions would be appreciated…


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