Octros or anzogh

I have 6 rings and maybe I’m over thinking it. But here are my thoughts. Octros is the shinny new hero but with the family attack bonus for anzogh he actually has better stats then Octros. If I’m pairing him with onatel and seshat that 20% attack puts him way above Octros. Even a 15% bonus would do it if I just pair him with onatel. The def and hp are about even. Take into account my recent pull of krampus and his attack buff will make a strong heal for anzogh’s special. Consider emblems are even am I crazy for wanted to ascend anzogh over Octros?


  • Octros
  • Anzogh

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Imo there’s really no competition to who you should ascend. Octros is just superior in every aspect. Octros can stand alone in many scenarios, anzogh needs a lot of extra support to ironically support the team


You should go with Octros despite Anzogh’s family bonus and other bonuses. I’ve used Anzogh for a long time and even with the family bonus with Onatel and 18 nodes on sword path, he is still quite underwhelming.
I actually reset and benched mine because you can’t rely on him as a damage dealer or as a healer. Boldtusk with emblems is a way better healer than him and there are way better red hitters than him.
The element link isn’t very helpful either, most defenses only have one blue hero and the most used ones have a chance of bypassing it (Morel, Finley, Cobalt). If the blue hero is a support hero (like Krampus or Ariel), the element link will be useless.

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Makes sense. Thanks for sharing your 1st hand experience.

i have anzogh +18 emblems and he is still weak. leave him alone


Voted for Octros as he is just a beast in all aspects of the game…

However, Anzogh istn’t that bad like many say… Pair him with the right teammates and he can put serious damage on opponents team as well…
If you use Anzogh without any supporters he is in fact underwhelming (but hey, this game is about to find synergies, no? ^^)

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For defense, Octros eats Anzogh easily. His damage output potential is so much better and that what matters in defenses these days. Even if you consider the 20% attack bonus from family, do you really want to be stuck with Onatel and Seshat in your defense only to keep your red somewhat usable? I’d say it’s 100% Octros for that use, no competition.

Offensively, Octros is an interesting option but as someone who has him on +18, he’s solid but not amazing. Can deal 600 dmg to each, but can also deal 200 dmg to each, depending on the board. It scales quickly with the red tiles but is underwhelming in absence of those and may require skipping a turn or two. Anzogh is more reliable in what can you expect from him - but that’s lower than Octros for the most part, even if you want to be stuck with your trio for the full family bonus. However, Anzogh can be your healer substitute, especially if you have C Marjana/Falcon/Wilbur etc to use him with. But then, if you have those and hit ideal board, Octros will melt the enemies altogether where Anzogh would be just solid. I’d say it’s 70% Octros 30% Anzogh for offensive use.


Thanks everyone. Sounds like I’ll roll with Octros.

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You’re mad to even consider Anzogh over Octros. Anzogh is “better” after all the synergy you have to put in place to even make him on par with Octros.

The thing is, you need to sacrifice so many possibilities just to make Anzogh “usable” whereas Octros on it’s own is a monster.

There’s no comparison here at all, you don’t expect Anzogh to do damage similar to Octros even with all the buffs you factor in.