Anzogh or Azlar?

It’s kind of a toss up to me. Azlar has a high attack stat and devastating special but slow mana. Anzogh just seems solid and the healing might be cool. I’m undecided and open to feedback :slight_smile:

I don’t have either but I would go with Anzogh just because he would pair well with gormek and boldtusk for color stacking against green tanks.

Not sure if you have other 5* reds already tho.

I wanted anzogh. Have the mats for a 5* red but in true fashion of this game it’ll give me every other color 5* lol.

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What are your priorities for the one you pick?

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I don’t even know lol. It might end up on defense but I might just leave Marjana there. I think it would mostly be for raid offense in mono red. I don’t think I’d use either of them for titans.

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Well, if you already have a Boldtusk and Wilbur, then Anzogh would be very good choice in my opinion for 3-2 red stacks. They are all average mana heroes so you can fire them together. First Wilbur for defense down, BT for attack up, and that is when Anzogh will shine, amazing AoE damage and heal.


Anzogh will have a very natural synergy with other reds like Boldtusk, Falcon, and Wilbur, who can all assist him in dealing more damage and thus healing more. (@ThePirateKing made good note of that.)

Azlar would have synergy too, of course, but without the added benefit of being charged at the same time as the rest of an Average Mana stack.

So for Raid Offense in particular, I think I’d lean toward Anzogh.

Worth noting: for Titans, I’d want Azlar’s attack stat instead.

So deciding for sure that neither is destined for Titans is helpful in prioritizing.

For Defense, either has merit, depending on the team around them. But since that’s not a priority, I wouldn’t worry much about it, since either could be worked into a Defense.


I actually have enough mats for both Anzogh and Azlar, but have decided on maxing the former instead. Azlar has a weaker, but just as potent counterpart, in Colen. With the rings I’m saving, I’ll be maxing Mitsuko instead. Her average mana splash damage will synergise well with BT+Wilbur+Falcon+Anzogh.


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