Anzogh is really good with emblems

I didn’t max him yet but I will soon

Proteus and kiril are afraid now for their emblemes but anzogh is my only five star red and only five star “healer”…

I don’t want to rob them but I do think he can shine

Why you ask?

Because he will get attack up so he hit and heal more and because chances up for crit will give him boost for his hitting and healing double five at times and that great

Edit: I am probably wrong and it is not relevant for his speciel…

So if Miki speciel doesn’t add a thing anzogh class embelms give him exactly what he needs. Extra attacks multipled

Am I just trying to con my self for acending him?..


I really like my +9 Anzogh. Here is pic of his stats.

He’s a staple on my defense and a huge part of my red stack.
Yes there are better red 5*. But the wizard emblems do fit him well and he is great following any defense down special.


Anzogh is pretty decent on offense and a good wing during AW.

Mediocre on normal raid defense.


I’ve got Anzogh on my alt account as my raid tank. It’s a C2P account so the only maxed 5-stars are Anzogh and Justice so far. I’ve got 3 more waiting on mats. Anyway, because I’m making him my tank. I’m giving him emblems and taking him down the defense + HP path and that is probably counter-intuitive for most players given his abilities. The idea is to maximize his chances of staying alive long enough to fire his SS. Trying to maximize his damage / healing is not my main concern. While it would be nice to get more healing out of him on raid offense, the normal progression of a raid battle reduces his total damage / healing as the raid goes on. Anzogh does the most good at the early parts of a raid when there are lots of enemies to damage. Ideally, the tank position is the perfect place to make the greatest use of his SS. The problem is that his stats are not ideal for a tank. He has really good defense and fairly below average defense. SG likes to make self healers low on HP. With enough emblems, this deficit is overcome. And if you go all-in on making Anzogh a tank, he becomes scary tough. Oddly enough, Anzogh’s elemental link gives red heroes an elemental defense buff vs. blue. This is conveniently useful for a red tank whereas it is pretty much useless in any other situation. Anzogh’s value as tank is to deal enough damage to bring the attackers into a sniper’s one-shot range while also topping off the health of the flanks & wings.

Anzogh at 80+0: 698 Attack, 793 Defense, 1279 HP
Anzogh at 80+20 (defense + HP path): 742 Attack, 909 Defense, 1459 HP
Anzogh at 80+20 (attack oriented path): 835 Attack, 829 Defense, 1392 HP

For comparison, if you give Ares emblems and prioritize defense and HP, he tops out at 710 Attack, 902 Defense, 1560 HP. Santa is still the king of red tanks though, 667 Attack, 948 Defense, 1581 HP when fully emblemed.

In beta, Anzogh first draft was amusingly bad and much of his reputation came from our first impressions of him. The devs eventually buffed him into his current state and while it doesn’t make him the top red tank, he does become above average with about 7 nodes. My alt has him at this point now and his stats are 698 Attack, 829 Defense, 1351 HP. There’s one member of my main’s alliance that has an 80+14 Anzogh as tank. His defense performance is now well above average and I’m convinced that it’s because people are underestimating Anzogh backed by 4 snipers.


I am maxing my Anz, too. Dunno what to do with emblems, I love my Kiril and Proteus and need them still. Anz is in my def and in my mono red stack with BT, Wilbur, Falcon and Scarlett and I go up to 4,3k teams with that 3,6k stack.
When I get Ariel, he’ll be out of my def. Maybe, when I max Vivica, but she’s slow and I like the concept of hitting healers :slight_smile:


I don’t know… I just used him allot today with 4.46

He can’t kill anything even with Wilbur and Wu…
On paper he should work but destroy kiril and Proteus for him … Just doesn’t feel right…

My Anzogh is 4^79, so almost max, and I’m pretty happy with him so far. Sadly, Guinevere is getting all of my wizard emblems since she’s my war tank, but I can definitely see advantages to emblemming Anzogh, especially since Jinx would suit him really well.


My Anzog is maxed with 7 emblems. I will continue down his tree taking as many attack nodes as possible. I use him at flank with a lvl 16 mana troop on its way to lvl 17. He will never be removed from my war or raid defense and sometimes he is my only damage dealer needed on offense when paired with Ariel and Alby. He is an absolute beast on offense and defense. Like to stack? Set your red stack Wilbur, Boldtusk, Anzog and watch you’re enemy’s whole team explode. He is also a dang good AOE healer. Anzog basically turns five man team into a six man team…so, use those emblems on him and think of it as a half the price bargain.


Your feelings are right. He’s the second worst hotm released so far, though some players would say is Margaret(Toth-Amun is no.1). Anyway, in defense is absolutely useless. I didn’t lose a single attack when I met him. Of course, there are a lot of noobs getting defeated against Anzogh, but is not my case. This hero should have been fast or let him average, but his damage increased. When I meet a defensive line-up with him, I always take care of the side where is not him. Because I know he can fire and barely scratch my heroes. And as tank, he’s even worse, no matter how emblemed he is. As for an offensive line-up, all reds are better than him. Even classic and slow ones, like Azlar and Elena are much better than him. So no, I wouldn’t do such mistake.

A player like me, wouldn’t even level such a hero. Because I never levelled useless heroes. In my roster never existed and never will, heroes like Boril, Cyprian, Kasshrek, Hu Tao or such legendary. On my alt I got more hotm this year than my main. I got both red hotm, Anzogh and Grazul. I kept Grazul. I fed Anzogh the second I pulled him. Like I said, I don’t level useless heroes. Anyway, back then I didn’t know about academy and I should have kept him for an eventual transmutation in the future. Oh, well…

You make use of him. You don’t have such a roster as mine, so level him, once you started. But trust your instincts and let the emblems on the heroes which deserve them. Beside, the red colour is the least used colour in PvP, due to lack of green tanks.

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Match 12 red tiles (who cares where they go), fire them all in that order, and…


Emblems help the 4* stay alive if you get bad boards. Can use Colen instead of Azlar but he’s just a big squishy marshmallow in the Diamond arena.

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Well @Scarecrow, you must have one heck of an offense. Looking forward to the day you draw me in the raids. BossTot is my in game name. :slight_smile:


There is a way to block users. Had to get someone to help someone block me. I’ll see if i can find the post.

There it is



On topic
I have anzogh but I’ve never used him. And i face gm, zim, mitsuko as reds in my wars and raids, i don’t think I’ve ever faced anzogh that i can recall.

So no clue one way or the other. I will say he seemed lackluster on paper which is why he stayed at 3/70.


I kept anzogh at 3/70 until like last month, I had 12 rings and finally fed him. I did it due to being surprised how decent he was when I raided a team that used him as flank. Being average mana AoE and healer they can’t make his damage too high for the sake of balance, but it’s still a tempo shift. Without any buffs or debuffs he does about 400 damage each and if it’s 5 heroes he does that to, he heals his allies for a similar amount. Using him to attack with, he does very well paired with Ares and Wilbur. Like he will basically kill the team. I actually found his special to do a comparable amount of damage like Azlar, but at average speed. Azlar DoT will shift his damage profile up a lot but the initial hit, Azlar will do like 70ish extra damage. I’ve been surprisingly happy with anzogh. He’s great on the world map too. He’s helping complete S2 hard. I’ve been using tarlak, Evelyn, Ares, anzogh and drake. The team can do lots of damage and sustain itself quite well with all the healing, and drake blind. If I made a list of underrated heroes anzogh will make the list, and 40 days ago I had been starving him since release lol


@wineybrit, wanted to make sure you saw this thread; I think you’ll find madmarv’s post particularly edifying.

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Thanks Ivy, I’ll check it out. I’ve obviously always had a soft spot for him, being my 1st 5*. I want to believe, so badly, that he is better than people say. He’s given me some trouble in raids but my defense seems no better than before…


There’s already been 3 flags in this thread, please keep the discussion civilized, even if you disagree.

Also please remember that provoking others to act against the forum rules, is also against the forum rules. Don’t entice flame wars or provoke others; i.e. mind your tone when replying.

:heart: back on topic now


Yeah, I saw that now. Why mine? It is on topic, only about Anzogh…

Thanks for this @madmarv, I was just discussing Anzogh and Santa with my alliance yesterday. I was trying to convince them to hold there EHT’s until Christmas by baiting them with MM, Santa, Buddy and even Rudolph. We also were discussing that if Anzogh is your only red 5* tank, and at 3/70, it may be worthwhile to hold on him until after any Christmas summons you were going to do. If you didn’t plan on it then finishing Anzogh wouldn’t hurt your team at all.

But that’s a reason why I use him: he’s average like all others except Scarlett in my stack. So all fire at the same time, one BOOM, win. With a slower one, maybe DoT then, I have to wait longer :slight_smile:

I’m only talking about offense, I know he’s not that good for def :wink: good enough for me atm until I maxed some other 5*.


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