Help with my defense team

I recently maxed C. Kestrel and am currently testing him out on my defense team instead of Anzogh. Should I take the emblems off Anzogh and put them on Sartana or keep them on Anzogh and swap him out with Kestrel from time to time? Thanks in advance for your advice!

First of all, Anzogh is a mediocre hero and his best usage is ONLY in an offensive line-up, not in defense. So yeah, I would strip him of emblems immediately. And why did you change the red position in the first image? Red near blue tank, I think is obvious why. Besides, Kestrel in one of the deadliest flanks in the game (I learned this from Zero). The time he fires is likely the enemies have a lot of mana, which is lethal for them.


Thanks, I appreciate your feedback! Anzogh was the only 5* red that I had, so he got rings and emblems. He also works great in my offensive red stack with Falcon, BT, and Gormek. I spend very little, so it’s a matter of using who I have. Kestrel was meant to be in flank, I was just swapping them around and he was put there by accident. Will put my emblems on Sartana. Thanks again!


Yep, Anzogh with those reds in attack is lethal. You didn’t level him just for nothing. Besides, the rings have the highest dropping rate in my opinion :slight_smile:


First, if anyone thinks Anzog is a mediocre heroe and has no place on defense they have never faced him on a team with good synergy. He will wreck an offensive player’s world with a leveled mana troop. There is no way I would take his emblems away.


Keeping with a rainbow defense though, would Kestrel or Anzogh take the spot? I guess I could always put them both on, flanking Richard, but I really prefer having a mixed team.

Facing Anzogh on offense, he’s definitely been my downfall a number of times. But my roster is mostly filled with 4*s

I can’t say, I do not have Kestrel and I have not faced him yet in raids or war that I know of. I can say your Anzog is the same level with the same emblems as mine, he is the only 5* on my war defense, and 4K+ teams regularly waste 3 to 5 flags a war to take my team down. Without Anzog, I get taken out 3 to 5 times a war.

My current defense left to right is: Melandor, Anzog, Li Xiu, Rigard, Grim. (all 4*s have at least 15 nodes on tree)