🔵 [Oct 04, 2020] Trials of Justice – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

Wu - Joon - Telluria - Wilbur - Santa. All between 4 and 7 emblems except Tell who’s at 11.
Paladin-monk trials are the easiest for me, even though this one was not as fast as i expected.
Emblems saved for Telluria and Joon. Trainer went to Malosi, even if he’s not a current project. I just didn’t want to use a 3* trainer on a 3* hero :see_no_evil:


Same team as the last time.

Great board set up for the boss wave :point_down:t3:

Reposte was very effective against the bosses, although boss Joon put many bye hands against def down and elemental deff down from Tiburtus and Frida respectively… However both Boss Joon and Richard suffered the same fate on reposte :point_down:t3:

As a result they departed almost simultaneously!

It’s been a while since the last reset emblem, emblems to Wilbur and Telly, trainer saved.


The last reset token was given as gift when they nerfed Vela. Maybe the next one will be given when they’ll nerf another hero. They seem to have pulled it away from trials. :roll_eyes:


Team changed, took Lixiu out and maxed Yoon in. On the bench, Telluria, because I like the excess HP provided by Heimdall.
Boss stage without any surprise. Trainer to underrated Malosi, emblems saved for Wilbur+20 and Telluria next stage.


Same team as last time:

Same as last time; tons of meatshields from telluria, good damage with Wu and wilbur. Finished in no time with no items.

Trainer to Leonidas, emblems in storage as I’ll start the upgrade to stronghold 25 tonight.


Completed using same team as last time
Wu Kong, Joon, Telluria, Clarissa and G.Falcon
Used one purple banner


Been awhile, moved house.
Same team

Aiming for Richard but got Joon first

Golden girl fell shortly after, then Richard last

Joon gets monk, paladin saved
Trainer saved


Used same setup as last time. Heimdall’s HP boost makes this easy.

Emblems will go to Heimdall and Skadi, once she’s fully leveled (taking it slow and enjoying it). Trainer saved for now.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

No change only emblem BT and Telluria from 15 to 18.
Other Option


Not so great start at bosses…

Strugle a bit, Wilbur died, but now finished without items, last time I still use items.

I currently leveling 2nd Tibs, he is at 4.1 and will plan to max his costume only, and if he is ready, I will plan for this trial switch Wilbur-Falcon-Sumle into 2x Tibs-C and Cyprian. Because red is not great VS Richard, and 2 holy bosses, means better use dark, let see…


Emblem both keep for now, Monk emblem I plan continue for Wilbur or Li Xiu, and Paladin for Falcon.
Trainer goes to 2nd Mist.


Gambled with Stance…


My team this time:

  • Thorne +7
  • Wilbur +20
  • KISS Tiburtus +20
  • Chef Boldtusk +20
  • Cyprian +17

Compared to last time, Thorne is up 2 talents. That’s it.

Mob waves were nothing special until the last wave, where I had to be very careful with the board to keep all my heroes charged and preserve both a red and blue diamond on the board, which - shockingly - I did. Entered the boss wave, fired all specials, then popped the red diamond when - lo and behold - I formed a purple one in the resulting cascade. So, with all this cascading, Richard fired twice, and Joon and Justice once each, but I was also getting tons of mana charge, and with BT and Wilbur doing what they do, the damage and effects were barely noticeable. The finish to the fight was most satisfying. Wilbur’s special was still active, and Thorne fired for the triple-boss-kill! I am determined to make Thorne a killing machine, y’all!

Quote from last run-through:

Unless Joon shows up out of my TC 20, soon Leonidas gets the darts from next Shiloh, and we’ll see how much he can help here.

Well, guess what? Joon did exactly that! So no darts for Leo, and monk emblems saved for Joon. Trainer hero also for Joon. Paladin emblems saved for Thorne’s eighth node. As soon as I no longer need Cyprian for this trial, Thorne will get all his emblems, too, I suspect.


The last trials of justice, I walked through the boss stage on the final one very easily. I had diamonds and everyone fully charged. And had a lot of purples (3x purple heroes used). It was over in about 35 seconds, no items used…

This time, it seems they remembered so they gave me revenge.
I had to use mana pots, turtle banners and healing… I was not getting any purpleto make matches. I was getting plenty of yellow and red, but obviously these were just charging everyone. I forgot to take antidotes for justice, and she went off about 4 times, so that didn’t help lol.

All done and no heroes lost though.
Trainer has gone to Zimkitha, to help get her to 3/70.
Paladin emblems I will shove on Telluria or Clarissa (they both require 125, i have about 60 saved).
Monk emblems are going to go to Joon to take him to +11, I just need some iron first.


So I did it with this team in the end:

Here is the bench:

I basically left all of my yellows at home due to the double yellow boss. Having an A boost healer in C-Boldtusk made a noticeable difference. So did having a D dropper in C-Tibs. I did end up getting him to 70/70 first for the +18 talent effect.

Overall is went better than before. I used a few antidotes for blind and maybe a mana & healing pot. A key mistake was letting Justice fire the turn after Cyprian’s riposte went down and I didn’t notice in time. Other than that, it was a comfortable fight. I may swap Joon +7 for Sonya +20. He is yellow, which is weak, but blinds and still hits plenty hard. I will think about it. Long term when I get scopes Raf may slide in there. Not sure Justice will when she is maxed.

Trainer went to Justice who is working her way to 80. Cyprian got the paladin emblems and Li Xiu got the monk ones.

In retrospect I may reset Li Xiu to +1 (which I do with all maxed 4’s) and apply the emblems towards Joon’s 8th node. I hate saving so many emblems as a F2P for a single node on a 5*, but Li Xiu just never sees action for me so they’re still kind of wasted. I tend to play 3-2 and she is not in my top 3 for yellow. She is maybe my 5th yellow, but with Justice coming up and me recently pulling Guillinbursti she will like be my 7-8 yellow. She doesn’t make titan teams. In provinces she will maybe play in elite enemy stages depending on the color. I like pair her with LJ if colors allow, but my best mana controller is Gretel and she doesn’t pair well with her. She does see war action, but that is a lot of resources to dedicate towards a 5th or 6th team war attacker … Li Xiu’s having emblems days may be numbered … :thinking: … not sure having her costume would change my mind either, which I don’t anyway.

Good luck to those still trialing!



Easy with this team


Will use 3 axes just to complete PoV, but they will most likely not be needed in general.



I decided to dust off Cyprian (my first ever 4* hero) for this trial. He was great against the bosses. Paladin emblems to Telluria, monk emblems to Jabberwock, trainer hero to Ariel (2/29).


Team last time/ Team this time

Same team as last time, emblems and troops a bit different. Had a good trial, first two stages were cascades that obliterated the enemy and charged me up across the board. Final stage went fairly quick too with all the heroes charged coming into the last round. I used one arrow when Justice was about to fire her first shot.

Monk emblems to Jabbarwock for his first talent, saved paladin for now. Trainer to Frigg.


My team:

No items used.

The new emblems will go to Joon and Falcon.


Same team as last time used health and few time stops and axes for pov

Emblems in storage trainer to the boar


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