🔵 [Oct 04, 2020] Trials of Justice – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

No change only emblem BT and Telluria from 15 to 18.
Other Option


Not so great start at bosses…

Strugle a bit, Wilbur died, but now finished without items, last time I still use items.

I currently leveling 2nd Tibs, he is at 4.1 and will plan to max his costume only, and if he is ready, I will plan for this trial switch Wilbur-Falcon-Sumle into 2x Tibs-C and Cyprian. Because red is not great VS Richard, and 2 holy bosses, means better use dark, let see…


Emblem both keep for now, Monk emblem I plan continue for Wilbur or Li Xiu, and Paladin for Falcon.
Trainer goes to 2nd Mist.