🔵 [Nov 08, 2020] Trials of Justice – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

4* challenge… :sunglasses:

My Team This Time

My Team This Time

Telluria out,… Boril.C in… he is blue which is good color for mobs wave.

Other options…


OK, almost all decent start on boss wave.

Boril.C is helped, but not so significant,… only little counter, so that means I need some items 1xheal, 6x antidots, 8x minor mana. Cheft Boldtusk is died…


Emblems Telluria is finish +20, so Paladin Falcon is now +14 and will continue to +19 (mana lvl 17 almost there). Monk Joon is also finish +20, will keep for now, maybe later for Wilbur to max +20, so that I can use another mana troop lvl 11, and I need more mana troop red. Trainer goes to 2nd Gullinbursi :muscle: