5* purple question...help

I need a bit of advice on the next purple 5* to work on. I am getting the materials now and want to have one ready when I get the 6th tabard. Victor, Domitia, Quintus, or Obakan? I currently have Mok-Arr +9, Seshat +9, and Ursena +11. I don’t know how Vic is on attack, Domitia would be a nice sniper to have, Quintus attack all might be nice with Ursena and Mok. Obakan is well… Obakan. I am looking for an attack in wars and raids. Thank you for any advice.

You already have a powerful dispeler on seshat so though at first glance im tempted to say pick Domitia its true that you have already filled that place with a better choice.
Between Victor, Quintus and Obakan i would pick Victor with closed eyes. So that would probably be the best choice among those heroes and considering your already maxed 5☆


I personally would go for Victor.

Very Fast Mana speed with a full team defence buff. PLUS he’s a monster in Field Aid Wars as he effectively shuts down the healing recieved by the enemy team.


@Guvnor Thanks for the advice. you may close.

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