Nz’s Antagonist looking for 3 new members

With the holidays over and the New year starting we are looking for 3 new members. Come join a fun, vocal , active alliance. 8/9* Titans. 2000 trophy min. Strongest open Kiwi alliance. You don’t have to be a Kiwi to join. The group has a few members from the US as well and is able to cover multiple time zones meaning no hours get wasted. Come check us out. Very open and friendly alliance.

I don’t have 1800 trophies but I play everyday.

BoomBoomPapa how many cups do you have? The minimum for Blood and Bones is 1400 but we could lower that for the right person.

Looked at your alliance. SUPER IMPRESSIVE!!! Would love to learn from you guys but you are way outta my league at the moment. I have been only playing maybe a couple of weeks but I play everday several times a day. Retirement after all is supposed to be relaxing! Only run a 1/3 of the cups you req. Running 30 active heroes averaging 2300 giddyup. 40 feeders. I really appreciate the shout . I would like to holler back when I get out of diapers though. Wouldn’t be fair for your seasoned vets to be dragging a pup when you can have a full grown hound from some other camp now.

That’s awesome for a new player! What’s your highest tp?

Thanks for the praise. They are all filled up now but you never know when someone is going to leave and slots open up. So if your still in need of an alliance down the road, please check back with us.

hovering around 2400+ at the moment.

You are welcome. And I will. Thank you.

BoomBoom are you still looking? Check out Squirrel Brigade. Great bunch of people. Will have one spot open after war if you’re interested =)

I play diligently I only have 1554cups but on my way to getting more I have a fairly strong team 3124 and rising looking for a n alliance where everyone competes I’m currently in an alliance wirh my wife who would also like to join

If you could wait until after this war - we would have space. Check out our roster at Squirrel Brigade and let me know what you think.

Broncosdaddy Blood and Bones (leader is Jaqen H’gar) has 3 openings and only 1400 minimum. Come check us out! :slight_smile:

My leaders agreed to let you in but I see that you already found another home. Hit me up on line (morwen1) if you outgrow them. :wink:

Thank you. I will. Having a family health problem at the moment.

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I appreciate the hit! My mum is having a little health issue at the moment and have been sporadic with my play and communication on about all fronts. But I think your bunch would be a great fit. Growing is job 2 in this, growing well is job 1. Speaking for myself.

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you guys still looking for a guy?

We currently have one spot open. They raised the trophy requirements to 2000. If you’d like. Come give us a try. They are very friendly

we are at 23/25 on a war chest. should I wait till after the next war? what do you think?

Kahlua530…is that a white russian after work?

Yes. I’d wait. Fill your chest. We are not recruiting hard right now so there will most likely be openings

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