BLOOD AND BONES - Need 1 dedicated player

Blood and Bones is looking!

*Serious Alliance, Friendly group,
*Seeking consistent dedicated players!
*1400 trophies required!
Hit the Titans daily
Killing 8 and some 9
*War hits required!
*Cooperation a must
*Come grow with us - all we ask is you try!
Need ONE MORE dedicated player!

We also have a Discord account for sharing notes, websites, videos, and thoughts.

Come party with us! Still looking for 2 players.

I’m interested and dedicated.

Hey munkeephun - we just filled up with 2 players. Sorry for the delay in responding. Did you find a group?

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Actually in game I’m Morwen so you did get me. :wink:

lol - great! I had a sleep study last night and couldn’t keep awake once I got home.

We are back to needing 2 players - who wants to join us??

If you join this alliance, you won’t be sorry. It’s so much better than my last one. :sunglasses:

Still looking - who wants to party?!

I plan on joining you right after the war.

That’s awesome - we look forward to having you in the alliance! :star_struck:

Bumpity bump bump bump

Come join the party!

Bumping up and adding characters.

Love to join. Please let me know if you are interested in Bantu bolts.

Hi I am a several times a day player. I use all war flags and try for 6 titan hits per day. My defense team power is 3210 with my other teams at 2800 2300 2100 2000 & 2000.
I am interested in learning how to organize a war. Out current strategy is just try to use your flags. I would love to learn from someone with more experience and would be up for assignments in that area.
I try to keep my cups around 1200 but can get them up to 1600 if I need to. If you could let me know if this sounds like a good fit with your alliance.

Blood and Bones is currently filled to capacity…