Nz’s Antagonist is Looking for a few new members. Fun and active alliance

With the holidays over and the New year starting we are looking for 3 new members. Come join a fun, vocal , active alliance. 8/9* Titans. 2000 trophy min. Strongest open Kiwi alliance. You don’t have to be a Kiwi to join. The group has a few members from the US as well and is able to cover multiple time zones meaning no hours get wasted. Come check us out. Very open and friendly alliance.

Still looking for a couple more active friendly players. Come try us out :slight_smile:

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2 more spots open, come try us out if your are looking for something more towards the casual but active side of the game. 8/9* titans. Thanks

Just had 1 spot open up. Looking for someone ready to progress with us to 10* titans. Active alliance but on the more casual side of things, no line or discord required. 2200 trophies, open alliance. Thanks