Novice teams advice

I am playing from Jan 3 an want some advice how to progress further.
Heroes which 1 have:
Main team: Guardian Bat maxed, Chao 3/32, Vela 2/41, Kashhrek 3/27, Marjana 2/38
Second preparing team: Tiburtus (costumed) 2/9 both, Bane maxed, Berden 2/1, Valen 1/14 and Namahage 1/11.

Also have as unleveled: Oberon, Dawa, Gato, 2xUlmer, Brienne, Gan Ju, Graymane, Nashgar and Jahangir.


  1. I want to keep only 3 3s for each color. Can I eat Dawa, second Ulmer and Graymane?
  2. How to progress without a healer?
  3. I have 1100 gems, should I spend it for hero summons, if my TC 13 will be up and running tomorrow (it already started to build)
  4. Can I complete rare Avalon, if I max some of my 3s, or I need specific 3 from Tc13 like Belith?

Put the 5s away for now and probably the 4s, too.

  1. Not a fan of Dawa and Graymane in their current forms, but you might want to wait a while then increase hero space further down the line. Both may end up with a costume.

  2. You’ll probably have to work with the 2 Panda or the red girl until you get at least a rare one.

  3. Wait for an event. In your case, I’d say 5 months for guardians, but it’s up to.

  4. With axes, arrows, and healing/mana potions I think, but also, put Kashrek down and start on Brienne.

Who you should work on now: Brienne, Gato, Namahage, Gan Ju. Get Tibs 2-50, I guess. You can use him and Valen/Ulmer for titans.

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Agree with you, but do not understand why I cannot use full rainbow of 2/60-3/60 heroes for defence? (and, if healer come from tc13, use it as full team).
I do not have trouble to raising current 5/4 heroes to max farmable form.

I will level Brienne ASAP (In parallel with tc13 train) , because I have many recruits in tc4, farms 11 and 3x30 Kashhrek is enough for me in my alliance’ s defence (not a top, obliviously).

There is some great advice in the forum for new players like yourself, here’s just one… Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."

I agree with this statement as the higher level heros like Vela and Marjana are very expensive to level up. Not sure if you’re involved in alliance wars, but you’re going to need 30 heros as a bare minimum.

Fast mana heros like Bane, Valen, Namahage & Berden are great, especially if you don’t have a healer yet.

Link to information on the last Avalon event below. Building at least 3 rainbow teams of 3* heros is a great idea. A healer like Belith would help to conserve battle items.

Don’t get your hopes on 4* from TC 13 it only has 5% chance .

I doubt you will be able to finish the rare final stage just from the list of heros provided (unless you use heavy items or very good board) . If no healers you can try with kailani(if you have) for the final stage.

Thanks for advice, and I agree than Marjana and Vela can consume my 3 hours food income to level up (100k food for 10 heroes),
But I am done with them for now, only Tiburtus needed.

About Tc13 - I am not hoping for 4 really (but if Rigard comes up, it will be very good), I really hoped for a healer for Avalon (Belith or Hawkmoon), or Kailani at least.

With my 4/5 team I was able to farm around 500 backpacks during AR, so leveling 3s is not difficult for me.

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Only been playing since September myself, but would echo the advice of those above.

Also, if you haven’t fed her, max Sharan for a healer and also Sha Ji, the 2 star panda if you pull him. For a long time healers eluded me too, and they are better than none when you are just starting out. In fact, Hawkmoon eluded me longer than the others, and I only finally pulled her from the January costume chamber.

Sha Ji, I still have and use in alliance wars - maxed with 20 emblems (with the intention I will use my reset on him at some point in the future) he is still my fifth most powerful holy hero.

Sha Ji - yes, I can use it, but even emblemed it cannot compete with 2nd tier Belith or Hawkmoon. Sharan will not work without spirit link, my GF proved that (her team before today was Sharan, Bane, Balthazar, Tuck and Vela, all maxed except Vela, she is at 2/45)

Just a side note - my GF today pulled Boldtusk from RM chest EHT, she is very lucky (having 2 identical Hotm as f2p is extraordinary). She played from Jan 10.

Totally agree that Sha Ji can’t compete. But I was working with what I had, and unfortunately 3* healers and higher were not coming to me at all back then. It was nearly three months before I pulled Belith. I have a few 4* ones now that I am levelling up as fast as I can, but for alliance wars I want to have at least six functioning healers, and at the moment Sha Ji is one of them. I am hoping that in a few weeks I won’t need him at all.

Your GF is very lucky. I have the latest three HotM, but no duplicates. My best run of luck came in December when over nine pulls I managed to get Grimble, Wilbur, Mother North and Natalya. The last three in three consecutive pulls. Now what I need is the mats to ascend them all. I am C2P so they are going to be a long time coming.

Oops Little bit off topic - apologies OP.

Great pulls. Can I suggest joining an alliance hitting higher level titans drop better loot. There are lots of alliances that don’t mind lower level players joining but work with you to develop your hero roster and enjoyment of the game. Check out alliance recruitment. GL.

I am in one, as of January, and they are indeed very helpful with advice as I build up my bench and run clean up duties.

And to keep on topic, would recommend the OP does the same, if they haven’t already, so they can get all those four and five star heroes ascended when the time comes.

The advice about focusing on the lower heroes first is valid but mostly for those spending money and/or getting a bunch of 5* early on. As a very regular (read obsessive) F2P player, it has never been an issue for me as I’ve still only got on 5* since starting in August (and an HOTM at that) and found I had plenty of time and resources to level him up to 3-60 without impacting my 3 or 4* heroes.

So, someone who’s progressing slowly will have plenty of time to max their 3s anyway but if you’re spending money and getting a bunch of fives early on then you’ll need a little patience to get your lower guys stronger first.

I am C2P (almost f2p, bought only one offer, an no plans for other), and also consider myself as lucky (got 2 5* and 3 4*). No plans for other pulls except free costumes, challenge coins and AR.

Advice is viable, but for next AR I need all-epic team, I think (S2:10/1 N feels not beatable for me)

Got Muggy today at Rising. Can I beat Avalon with team of maxed Bane, Melia, Berden, Brienne and Muggy (complete, not compete)?

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Congrats! :tada:. The rare quest definitely seems doable though can’t remember what colour is reflected :thinking: .

Blue) I leveled greens for mass destruction of these water foes)))

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GL and please share how you go! If you have Belith, you could save health pots.

Unfortunately, I do not have any healer except Kashhrek

Rare Avalon completed, rated in 52 thousland.
My team:
Maxed Bane, Melia, Berden and Brienne.
Muggy 3/28.
Used a couple of battle items, but no carpet bombing.

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Congrats :partying_face::tada:.
GL with epic too :smile:.

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