Roster tips please

Hi Guys my waiting list got a little longer since last time I posted a question. This I what I have maxed or soon to be finished

Could You push me into the right direction who to level now?

As far as 3* go I need to decide on:

Sudri, Jahangir, Squire Wabbit

Brienne, Carver, Friar Tuck, By- Ulf and Shrubbear.

Ulmer, Karil, Graymaine

Poppy, Kvasir, Dawa,

As for purple I only have 2 duplicate 3* balthazars and Morris

4* Heros

Kellie, Gormek, Sumle

Ceadmonz Brynhild, Almur, Skittlescull.

Mireweave, Sonya

Purple Cyprian

Li Xiu and Hu Tao.

5* Quintus, Thorne, Elizabeth.

I also have a lot of duplicates some worth mentioning:
Bane, Sonya, 2x Hawekmoon, 2 x Ulmer , Kaliani,
Belith, Valen, Nash, Berden would You keep any of them?

As always I would be grateful for any input. Thanks in advance

In my honest opinion, I would focus on the following first:
3* Red - Sudra then Squire Rabbit
3* Green - Shrubbear then Brienne
3* Blue - Helo and then Ulmer
3* Yellow - Kvasir then Poppy
4* Red - Gormek
4* Green - Brynhild then Almur
4* Blue - Sonya
4* Purple - Cyprian
4* Yellow - Li Xiu
5* Red - Elizabeth

For duplicate I would keep: Sonya, Bane, Berden

Things might be different if I knew what costumes you had

Not much costumes yet only Melendor, Dawa and Graymane so far

Nash is a 2*. So eat him.

Valen is very good. I’d keep him. Two copies are fine. Just like Bane, he’s a fast sniper with good stats and nice effect. If you need to stack blue for raids or quests, double Valen sounds better than Valen and Graymane for example. I’d even level the second copy of him as soon as Helo is done.

BTW Graymane is worth eating, don’t even give him a second thought now that you have so many better options in 3* blues.

I agree with @JGE suggestions in general, except probably the yellow 4*. Hu Tao may not be useful in most of the events (except for very fast mana events) but he’s great in a number of hard maps because of the mass blind which is awesome especially vs enemies dealing great damage with single hit. Otherwise Li Xiu is also a mediocre hero, so here it’s actually what you need most - do you need a hero for wars and raids, in which case Li Xiu, or do you need a hero to help you progress on tougher maps or quests, in which case Hu Tao.

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