🔵 [Nov 24, 2019] Trials of Justice Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Guvnors Trials


Last Time

This Time
No change… Same team lol.

My other options include:
  • Aegir (4/80 +7)
  • Drake Fong (3/70)
  • Wu Kong (4/70)
  • Li Xiu (4/70)
  • Jabberwock (3/25)
  • G. Falcon (4/70 +11)
  • Captain of Diamonds (4/70)
  • Sonya (4/70)

The Battle

First two levels put on auto and let the AI sort it out.

Final round coasted thru the mob rounds… Should really have swapped in Aegir… The lack of healing really is a pain…
Boss round I targetted Joon first wth the tiles and specials. Then onto Richard next leaving Justice for last.

Didn’t use any items but as I said, the lack of healing is a pain… Note to self to change that.

The outcome

Monk emblems for Drake. Still need 20 more for talent 7.
Paladin emblems to my stash… Not sure who I want to keep embleming… Either Aegir or move them all to Arthur… :thinking:
Trainer fed to Inari.