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Trials by Guv - Justice

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Guvs Justice History:

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As predicted last trials time, Jabberwock stole ALL of the emblems from Wilbur… Also swapped in Costume Tibs for Frida… maybe next time swap in Costume BT for some healing…?

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Autoplay sorted out the first couple rounds as usual

*Final Battle - Trials of Justice 8th Mar

The Baby Alt

Alt has been put on the backburner… Recently started playing another game & as such don’t have time for 3 accounts + the forum lol


  • Reset Token = YES
  • Paladin Emblems = 139 / 50 for Arthur Node 9; not enough yet for 10 also.
  • Monk Emblems = 31 / 50 for Jabberwock Node 9
  • Trainer = Fed to Guardian Owl (now 4-80)