Normal 4* is obsolete?

Hi. I’ve noticed lately that the 4 normal heroes (rigard + 18, boldtusk + 15 and others + 10) become obsolete. So it is not worth uploading them because you cannot face the 5 * ones with few emblems. What is the option of an ftp to continue playing? I have 4 of 5 * at 4 \ 80 and 3 more at 3 \ 70 waiting for materials, I have 2 TC20 all day and this month I only got one of 4 * (li xiu). To generalize, there are so many 5 * specials and those of the month so powerful that those of 4 normal ones do not work, what would be the next step to continue? I like the game but I’m getting caught up in the evolution of the new heroes. I’m sorry for bad English, it’s not my native language

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Vanilla 4 stars are more than relevant still. Rigard is still the only healer/team cleanser. BT is still one of the best healers in the 4 star bracket as he boosts attack which can overwrite a attack down. Kiril is basically a Dragon banner with healing, and the pulverizer bros are still a force to be reckoned with. So imo, vanilla 4 stars are WAY far from being obsolete. To quote the T-800 from Genysis, just old, not obsolete.


You’re right, I don’t complain about what I have being ftp, but I’ve been stuck in 2200 cups for several months and there’s no way to climb more. I was hoping to get a little closer to 2400 to get some chest in diamond at least a few times

You are doing something wrong. Without 5*'s I was stuck at 2200 - 2300 cups.
With 3 5*'s ( Quintus, Isarnia and Marjana ) I installed myself in diamond league. ( Low end )

I have no hotm and my most important hero is Proteus.

I finished last Christmas event with only classic 4*'s.

So I would say that vanilla 4*'s are still very important.

Especially healers, manacontrollers, disechanters, cleansers, debuffers, buffers.

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Unfortunately, @Chicobestia is right… classic 4* heroes are slowly but surely becoming obsolete, especially when it comes to raiding. That is a fact… I’m 100% f2p, too, and so, the bulk of my war party is formed of classic 4* heroes. I have several of them heavily emblemed, but lately I definitely noticed they are becoming more and more inefficient against the increasing number of emblems on the 5* defenses. Just yesterday I faced a +17 Guin tank… the rest of the team does not even matter… +17!!! Damn!!! her defense was above 900!!! She gave me a hard time even as I went in with Sartana, Domitia and Proteus!!! If it wasn’t for fish face, I wouldn’t have stand a chance… How do you think some classic 4* would have fare against her? As the emblem numbers on the 5* defense heroes will slowly but steady go up to +20, the relevance of classic 4* on the battlefield will fade away…


Elayanith, I was lucky for 2 heroes of the month but they are for the titan (Ranvir 4 \ 80 and Miki3 \ 70) of the normal ones I have obakan 4 \ 80, magni4 / 80, kadilen4 \ 80 and I play in Atlantis Poseidon 3 \ 70 Waiting for materials. My defense team is Ranvir, Kadilen, Rigard 4 \ 70 + 18, Magni, Obakan. I usually attack on raid 3-2 or 3-1-1 depending on the adverse team and I can’t get past 2400. I started in February, it’s the first morlovia for me and it will be the first Christmas too

Rigard is a teribble tank, imo, you can easily charge on him, his heal is not annoying as you’re planning your damage after CS up.

But let’s back on offense, 2200 is a bottleneck not because of emblems but because of how matchmaking and top work. When you’re able to reach 2700 cups, you often go to top 100 and then the game highlight your team, as your under the spot you’re being harass in very short time and fall down around 2300-2200 cups in less than 10 min this is crazy.

So on your side you’re the guy who mets teams which are supposed to be way higher because of this mechanic.
Therefore, the most important part here is to understand when to use the reroll button and to focus people at 2400+ who have more common team.

Last but not least, watch also the worwilde top 100, when is very high (like about 3000 cups for the first), it means there is a lot of cup in diamond and then more avaible cups for you on “easy” team. But when it’s low (less than 2800), it means diamond league is very tiny and then you’ll meet team around 2400 which are supposed to be around 2600 usualy.

back on topic, 4* are still relevant: Rigard makes your day easier against GM, Drake, Joon, Sartana, Marjana and so on…
Caedmon or Sonya are really important against guys like Aegir, Albi, Ariel, BK, Posi or Grazul…
Kiril is also a very good heroe in Diamond league, makes your heroes stronger and can dramaticaly decrease the damage dealt by a sniper when well timed.

And as you use 3-2, you should do it.

@Ian487 I had a thought for you, yesterday I opened a raid chest with a compass inside :wink:


Good! Compasses are always welcomed.

This is an universal phenomenon nowadays… Happens every time I pass 2700, so, lately I intentionally drop my final one or two final flags so that I am under 2700 when I sign out. My current record drop is 655 cups in a three minutes frame…

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They are not obsolete at all. Sometime I beat full 5* team with just 4* classic heroes. Also I finished avalon and pirates legendary mode with them too. They are more than relevant since you can complete everything in the game with them… events, rare quests, class quests etc

it doest make any sense. Guin is the best tank of the game, she is a pain with 5* teams too, also you faced a +17. You are not supposed to beat her with 4* heroes. It’s a matter of logical… of course its not impossible but its expected for you to use your 5* team against a +17 Guin

They are not obsolete yet, but they sure are becoming… emblems will start making the difference as soon as most of the defensive 5* will get around +20… Vanilla 4* will keep in service for maps, quests tourneys and events, but not for high raiding and wars…


4 star heroes, especially emblemed, are still great heroes. I just went 6 for 6 on my alt account vs a purple tank team… all defenses 4200 to 4400. He has ZERO emblems on 5 stars, only on 4 stars. Yes, 1 Proteus, 1 Wilbur. But the rest are all classic.


Actually it does… I used to kill many Guin teams using 4* purples Cyprian, Sabina and Tibs, before emblem era… That’s not the case anymore…


this means the defending heroes were around +10 in average… I’d like to see you pull this stunt against 4700 teams… Don’t think that’s gonna happen… Defenses already surpass 4500 even if there are no +20 5 * out there yet…Imagine the chances of the 4 * against full +20 teams…4 * have already reached their full potential, 5 * are not even close. But we’re heading that way.

Oh, and there’s also the matter of the troops. More and more troops are heading to lvl 30. The defender will be able sooner or latter to deploy a rainbow of high lvl troops, while the attacker, stacking colors, will not.

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We are still a good 6 to 9 months away from teams having 5*+20 defenses. And yes, they’ll be tougher, but not THAT much tougher. They’ll have 45 more attack, 108 more health, and 36 more defense than at +10… roughly. Stacked, emblemed, and synergized 4 stars with your 5’s sprinkled in still have a chance. Once you have more 5’s and start leaving your 4’s on the bench, then use your resets and move the emblems over.

It’ll get tougher, but they’ll never be obsolete.

If you’re talking about war, then that’s clearly not a team you should be taking on if all you have to field are 4* heroes. If you’re talking about raiding, this might be a hard pill to swallow (and I was there too, believe me), but you’re not REQUIRED to fight every raid team that comes up. Some teams are better to just walk away from.

In general, I’d say that as emblems become more prevalent and people put their strongest defenders up in teams that yes, blank 4* max heroes are of increasingly questionable value, an observation that Zephyr mentions in this post: Clicky clicky

It’s possible to take out 5*+20 heroes with vanilla 4*, but it’s like taking on a vanilla 5* team with 3* heroes. You need to go full mono and hope the tile gods favored you because the statistics gods make that a swing-for-the-fences scenario. I forget who said it, but it was in a thread similar to this one, but once heroes get to 5*+20, you can take them out with blank 5* max heroes and 4*+20, but it’s like from the old days of taking on 5* defenses with a 4* team, all before emblems existed; you need to stack heavily and hope for good tiles. Vanilla 4* are now like 3* in that scenario, so not that great at all but without emblems to give them some extra oomph, yes, they’re kinda questionable.

It does create this interesting effect of devaluing 3* ascension items because, heck, why should I waste my shields on a vanilla Peters if I don’t have the Rogue tokens to give him? Not a great place to be in, I agree.


Yes, I am talking about raids and war, for events they are still worth it, and if I sometimes win teams of 4000+, “sometimes” but in raids there are more and more 5 * teams so strong that with 3-2 or 4-1 I lose , and if “sometimes” I win it is for a good board. in the past the game was more balanced, where an ftp like me could enjoy, that’s why I liked it, but I said, I’m making the 4 * heroes stronger and stronger and it seems that they are increasingly weak by the achievements in raid and war.It is only my opinion, I do not want to influence anyone and I still enjoy the game but it becomes increasingly difficult to get 5 * heroes and if I get them I do not have materials to level them up, the competition is very difficult in favor of ftp. I don’t want to reach top 100 or 1000, I just want to see a breakthrough in the game, which I’ve been stuck in the same range for a couple of months no matter how strong my heroes are

i am still using *4 in AW Offense , their stats close to *5 without emblem , not obsolete imo. actually i always bring cleanser in my aw offense , 4 rigard , 1 ariel , 1 kunchen.

my list are
4 Rigard without Emblem
Sonya+18 x 2
G.Jackal+19 x 1
Caedmon+18 x 2
Proteus+18 x 1
Merlin+18 x 1
Sabina+18 x1

Got to think aswell there probably gonna be new heros in season 3 coming! Will that make them less valuable!? But also with costumes coming will it make them better?

Dont forget that costume are coming for vanilla heroes. 4* costume have decent odds like 25% and bring around +50 both offense and defense and +100 hp.

So an emblemed costumed 4* vanilla heroe will stay in the race imo.